‘Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Mocks ‘Original Karen’ After Shady Bid

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Drew Carey likes to have fun with some of the contestants when they appear on The Price is Right. Since he replaced Bob Barker as the host, he has brought part of his comic sensibilities to the role and has a few fun one-liners and zingers he gives to contestants. This includes his comments to a woman named Karen this past week.

Here is what the woman did that caused Drew to refer to her as the “Original Karen.”

Drew Carey Shades The “Original Karen” On The Price Is Right

Drew Carey was hosting an episode of The Price is Right last week and it had one of the most shocking game wins in the show’s history. However, on top of that shocking win, there was also a moment where Drew called out a contestant who was earing a shirt that said “Original Karen.”

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight
YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

The woman was named Karen and laughed about what her shirt said. For those unaware, a “Karen” is someone who goes to restaurants and stores and always want to complain to the manager about any slight they might find. It was clear that the woman was wearing the shirt as a joke.

However, during the bidding, the woman did something that many payers hate. One contestant bid $1,700. It then moved to Karen, who then bid $1,701. She then did a faux shocked face before turning to hug the guy who bid $1,700.

Drew responded by saying, “Wow, you are the original Karen.” She laughed, and everyone seemed to be in the joke. Even the guy she one-upped was laughing at the moment. Fans on social media seemed to dislike the moment, though:

  • “I used to so dislike when the contestants would do this”
  • “I’ve never despised a contestant more than this one.”
  • “Best comment ever Drew”

Someone Actually Won With A $1 Under On Price Is Right

While many people in the comments hate when this happens, one person said the bet always eliminates the person who got one-upped. However, that is not true. Someone actually won the other way on The Price is Right — and they made the bad bet themselves.

During the Bob Barker days, there was a bidding on an elliptical trainer. The guesses started at $1,200. The next guy guessed $1,000. The third guessed $1,300. Finally, it came to the last guy named Jose and he made one of the worst guesses in Price is Right history. He guessed $999.

Bob Barker then let Jose know that he made a terrible guess since he bet $1 less than someone else, which means the only way he could win was if he was exactly right. Bob then said that this had never happened in the history of the show. With that said, Jose was exactly right with his $999 guess.

What are your thoughts on people who bid $1 over on The Price is Right? Was Drew Carey’s “Original Karen” diss funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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