‘General Hospital’ John York Gets Teary About Cancer Journey

General Hospital John York - YouTube/Good Morning America

John York was teary-eyed as he opened up about his cancer journey on Good Morning AmericaThe General Hospital star recently returned to the beloved daytime soap opera after taking time off to focus on his health. Now, he’s back and talking about his battle against cancer. Continue reading to hear what had him so emotional upon his return.

John York Diagnosed With Blood & Bone Cancer

In 2022, John York revealed that he was diagnosed with two types of blood and bone cancer. The condition would require him to have bone marrow transplants.

Speaking about his experience on GMA, York got emotional when he talked about how many people signed up to donate bone marrow after he came out about his diagnosis.

“I made the announcement and it has helped. And so many people have,” John York said as he teared up before continuing, “joined the registry, just to help to save someone’s life.”

General Hospital John York - YouTube/Good Morning America
YouTube/Good Morning America

He also spoke about how he first learned that he had cancer. Like many people, York first discovered something was wrong during a routine checkup.

The General Hospital star was headed to the doctor for a regular checkup for his Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. However, during his appointment, his doctors found signs of cancer. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and smoldering multiple myeloma, which are types of blood and bone cancer.

The Mac Is Back At General Hospital 

He took leave from his role at GH in November 2023 to focus on his health. The soap star went through chemotherapy seven days a week for several weeks before he was cleared to pick up work again. He shared that he was able to find a perfect match for bone marrow, which made it possible for him to return to work fairly quickly.

When he received word that an exact match had been found, York said that he was speechless. He told Good Morning America that he hopes to meet the 20-year-old donor someday.

General Hospital John York - YouTube/Good Morning America
YouTube/Good Morning America

John York has been filming for General Hospital again for a few months, but his character will officially return on June 19.

Of course, York’s costars were eager to welcome him back to the set of GH. Other actors on the show wore red shirts that said “Mac Is Back.” John York has played the role of Mac Scorpio on General Hospital since 1991. His character made an appearance on All My Children back in 2001 as well.

York is also joining his on-screen wife Kristina Wagner (Felicia) for a Zoom event for General Hospital fans next month. The July 14th event still has tickets available for those interested.

Listen to John York’s interview with GMA about his cancer journey below.

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