Christine Brown Heartbroken Grandbabies Moving Far Away

Christine Brown holding one of her grandchildren from Mykelti Padron's Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is up against one of her most difficult battles yet.

She finally broke free from Kody Brown and forged her own life. But in a new turn of events, it seems like she will be very far from her grandchildren in the near future.

Keep reading to get the scoop.

Christine Brown Is Going To Miss Her Grandkids Terribly

Above all else, Christine Brown loves her children and grandchildren. She’s spoken up about how blessed she feels to live near Tony and Mykelti Padron so she can see her grandkids often.

But it seems like things are about to change.

“Mykelti says Season 19 will air in late August or early September + Tony and Mykelti are moving out of Utah,” one Redditor informed fans online this week. They went on to discuss various storylines fans will likely see in Season 19 before sharing more about the move.

“Tony and Mykelti recently announced they are moving out of Utah to North Carolina, presumably near where Maddie lives,” the OP continued. “They are just starting to pack and put their house up for sale. Christine is supportive of them but extremely sad that they are moving. They have not stated why they are moving but plan to discuss it in future videos.”

What Motivated The Padrons To Move?

Christine Brown is a very hands-on grandmother, so this will definitely shake up her entire world.

Christine Brown holding one of her grandchildren from Mykelti Padron's Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Other Redditors felt sad for Christine, but thought the Padrons’ move might be indicative of an upcoming Sister Wives spin-off. The family is no longer polygamous, so they don’t really fit the bill of “sister wives” any longer.

Reddit users wrote:

  • It kind of screams ‘spin off’ to me. What choice do they have if the show continues? It can’t be the same format or follow the same conflict. Well, it could, but that would be hard to stomach. I’m imagining a more ‘wholesome’ spin off, which this could be for them.”
  • If the move were only so the cousins could be together- this would not be a ‘secret.’ So there must be something more. A job. A spin off. Or just misguided ‘content.'”
  • Gasp! Maybe this is the first sign that the show will be ending! Mykelti wouldn’t miss a chance to jump in front of the cameras–if there were going to be cameras still filming. Besides, who would play the part of ‘Loyal Daughter’ without her around?”

In the past, fans have speculated Janelle might move to North Carolina to live closer to Maddie and Caleb. If she does, Christine and David might make their way to the East Coast as well.

What do you think about Tony and Mykelti’s decision to move to North Carolina? Will Christine Brown eventually head out there to be with her grandchildren? Share what you think in the comments.

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