Carrie Underwood’s Home Catches Fire, Is Family Safe?

Carrie Underwood-YouTube

Country superstar and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood’s home has caught fire. So, is everyone okay, including her beloved animals? More so, what started this fire to begin with? Keep reading for all of the details of what went down.

Carrie Underwood’s Home Catches Fire, Is Family Safe?

There are many amazing things in Carrie Underwood’s life. She has a wonderful marriage to Mike Fisher and together, they have two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Plus, her singing career has been booming since she won Season 4 of American Idol. It has garnered her eight Grammys and a Las Vegas residency. So, she has done pretty well for herself since winning in 2005. Additionally, she and her family have a Nashville home which they adore. Unfortunately, it caught fire on Sunday, June 16th which also happened to be Father’s Day. So, what happened to cause the fire and is everyone okay?

Carrie Underwood-YouTube
Carrie Underwood-YouTube

According to Us Weekly, Carrie’s representative had this to say:

“There was a fire on the property on Sunday night, which was quickly contained. There was no fire damage to the primary residence, and the family and their pets were unharmed.”

The fire department was called to Carrie’s home at around 942 pm but was eventually upgraded to a structure fire. A structure fire is defined as:

“Any fire in or on a building or other structure is considered a structure fire even if the structure itself was not damaged. Mobile property used as a fixed structure, such as manufactured homes and portable buildings, are considered structures. A vehicle that burns inside a structure with the fire limited the vehicle is considered a vehicle fire.”

Officials took to Twitter/X to share images and more details about what happened:

Additionally, a 10K water tank, which had been installed in Carrie Underwood’s house, was helpful in helping to extinguish the flames. Williamson County Fire and Rescue spokeswoman, Dinah Wade shared this information with The Tennessean. She added that an off-road UTV had caught fire and spread to Carrie’s garage thus causing the housefire. Three pets accompanied the four people in the home.

Everyone Is Safe

As of now, it appears that everyone is safe, including the animals. More so, one of Carrie Underwood’s pets did not want to leave their side during the terrifying debacle. Furthermore, the home is in one piece and her family can stay if they choose. It is unclear if they opted to go elsewhere for the time being as this was undoubtedly very scary for everyone involved. Again, everything was contained and though it did take some time, the flames were extinguished. Finally, four adults and the three animals did make it out safely so that is all that matters.

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