‘Boy Meets World’ Trina McGee Talks Shocking Pregnancy At 54

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Former Boy Meets World star Trina McGee is talking about her shocking pregnancy at fifty-four-years-old. The actress, who played Angela Moore on the hit ABC series, is expecting her fourth child. So, what is it like to have this experience where she is at in her life? Keep reading for more details on what Trina had to say.

Boy Meets World Trina McGee Talks Shocking Pregnancy At 54

Trina McGee played Rider Strong’s girlfriend, Angela Moore on Boy Meets World. Shawn Hunter loved Angela and they made the perfect couple. Unfortunately, the two broke up so that she could go and be with her father, leaving fans heartbroken. What some fans did not realize was that the actress playing Angela was already a mother and wife though she was portraying a college student. Trina was married and on her third child who was born during her time on BMW.

Rider Strong, Will Friedle, Matthew Lawrence, Danielle Fishel, Trina McGee-YouTube
Rider Strong, Will Friedle, Matthew Lawrence, Danielle Fishel, Trina McGee-YouTube

Now, at 54, Trina is expecting her fourth child, a “miracle” baby as she refers to it. According to People, this is a very different pregnancy than her other three, and not just because of her age. She is truly in shock and has to keep asking if it is really happening. Yes, it really is.

“I just kept saying, ‘Is this really happening?’ I still do that. ‘Is this really happening?’ But it is. Then, I’ll get sick, or I’ll do something weird [and] it has to do with pregnancy. And I’m like, ‘This is really happening.’ And I’m remembering all the other times when I was pregnant, you know, 25 years ago, and I’m like, wow, this is it. This is really happening. It’s wonderful. It’s great.”

Trina notes that this was “completely natural” but regardless, she cannot believe she is having another baby at this phase of her life. More so, it has been so long since she has been pregnant. As aforementioned, her third child was born during Boy Meets World which went off the air in 2000.

With this baby, Trina McGee feels much more relaxed. When she had her first three, she was very work-focused and did not stop and enjoy the moments as much:

“It’s much more intentional. All I can think now, as opposed to when I had my older children, I was thinking about, ‘Okay, I got to go back to work. I have to earn money, and I have a meeting at 4,’ and this and that.”

Taking Time Away

Trina McGee is taking a social media break for now so she can focus on the pregnancy and she has asked for prayers for a safe delivery. Currently, at twelve weeks along, she and her husband do not know the baby’s gender nor do they have a name picked out. This seems fine for them:

“We’re going to wait until the child is born and look at it. That’s more of an indigenous African tradition. You want to see who the child is, and then you want to name it according to that strength. A lot of my friends in Africa, after getting to know me, call me Kaway, which means warrior, so I’m going to go in that direction.”

Admittedly, her husband does want a boy and they are calling the baby “Sonny X” for the time being. She is not working hard like she did the first time around. However, this baby has brought her some new opportunities which she is mulling over. For now, it is all about enjoying the miracle.

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