‘Bachelorette’ Jenn Tran Reveals If She Will Finish PA School

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The Bachelorette Jenn Tran recently wrapped up filming her season of the show. Prior to taking on the role and even before appearing on The Bachelor, Jenn was attending school to be a physician’s assistant or PA. Jenn made an Instagram video to explain what her future plans are. Keep reading to see what she has to say.

Jenn Tran Shares If She Plans To Finish PA School

Bachelorette Jenn Tran went to Instagram to share an answer to a question she has been getting a lot. Fans have been eager to know if she has plans to complete PA school. She had put her program on hold so she could join Joey Graziadei’s season. Then, she couldn’t go back because of her role as The Bachelorette. 

Now that her journey has wrapped up filming, what are her plans to go back to finish her education? She started out by joking around with fans. She said she has gotten the question a lot if she is dropping out. She said the answer is yes. Then she got close to the camera and said “No, you guys are crazy!”

Jenn went on to say she is not quitting she is simply taking a little break. She was planning to be finishing up her emergency rotation now. However, she wasn’t thinking and now realizes this is too busy for her. She has tons of press events and lots of traveling.

Jenn Tran/Credit: Jenn Tran Instagram
Jenn Tran/Credit: Jenn Tran Instagram

So, Jenn shared that right now the plan is to go back for this rotation in September. However, should she feel pressure she may put it off til January or perhaps even longer.

Jenn went on to say that when she goes back she wants to be able to focus all her attention on learning and becoming a great provider for her patients. Regardless of when it happens, Jenn assured all her fans that she is not giving up on this dream and she will finish school. She admits it would be foolish not to.


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When Does Her Season Start?

Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette will premiere on July 8 and fans will get to follow Jenn’s journey to see if she finds love. Oddly enough, Jenn says her season, like Joey’s, has an ending that has not happened before.

She said, “I think I’m also being told that the ending of my season is also something that has never happened before.”

What do you think it could be? Are you planning on watching Jenn’s season?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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