‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Shares Thoughts On Ending Season Early

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Did Bachelor Joey Graziadei ever consider pulling a Clare Crawley and ending his season early? Jason Tartick spoke with Kelsey Anderson and Joey about that very thing. What did both of them have to say? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei Revealed If He Considered Quitting Season

There has only been one time a season of the show was ended early. Bachelorette Clare Crawley was certain she’d found the one with Dale Moss. After a few short weeks as the lead, she didn’t even want to date anyone else. She made the hasty decision to shut things down and walk away with him on her arm.

Of course, their relationship did not last. After a few on-and-off occurrences, Clare and Dale split for good.

Now, Joey Graziadei admits that during his season he felt strongly for Kelsey Anderson early on. So, did he ever consider just calling the whole thing off and proposing early? Jason Tartick asked Joey and Kelsey about his on the Trading Secrets podcast.

According to Joey, he did know that he cared deeply for Kelsey early. However, it was important to him to go through the process because there were certain milestones he wasn’t willing to give up.

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One of those milestones was her meeting his family. Joey knew that she wouldn’t meet his family until the final two ladies were left. He also knew there was no way he would propose until that happened.

Kelsey felt the same way. She knew she would never accept a proposal until Joey had met her family and she met his. So, to Joey, it remained important to just go through all the steps as best as he could.


Did Joey ever consider ending his season early? Here’s why both @Joey Graziadei & @Kelsey Anderson wanted to see the whole process through!

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Their Plans For The Future

Bachelor Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are in love and enjoying life together since the show ended. However, they are not making a mad dash for the altar. They both agree to hold off on a wedding for a while and get to know each other.

They want to enjoy their engagement. Joey and Kelsey know they have forever together so there really is no reason to rush their wedding.

They have been spending time with family and he’s been living with her and her roommates.

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So far things are working out great for Joey and Kelsey. As for Clare Crawley, things are working out great for her too. She met and married Ryan Dawkins and they now have a beautiful little girl.

What are your thoughts on Joey having thoughts on ending the season early like Clare did?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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