Amy Roloff Remembers 95-Year-Old Dad On Special Day

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff went to social media to remember her father. She has shared before how much he means to her. Every year on his birthday she makes a sentimental post and shares photos. Now, she’s gone to Instagram once more to remember her father. Amy previously revealed her father’s birthday is in January, so what is going on? What did Amy share with fans? Keep reading to find out more.

Amy Roloff Remembers Her Father

LPBW star Amy Roloff went to Instagram to share a photo of her and her dad toasting with a drink. She shared her father is 95 years old. He turned 95 in January 2024. Now, she’s honoring him on a special day.

Amy’s father looks amazing for being 95. She gushed about him on Father’s Day. Along with her precious photo, Amy said, “Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re 95. I can’t wait to see in you in late July when I go to Michigan. I cherish each moment I get to have with you. I love you Dad 💙Don’t let moments pass you by. Grab them when you can.”

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She instantly got praise from fans for telling everyone to grab moments when they can. Fans also commented on how incredible her father looks. Some even noted that he looks younger than his daughter.

Sadly, Amy lost her mother in 2019.


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She Has Praised Her Dad Before As Well

This isn’t the first time Amy Roloff has praised her dad. In February 2023, she shared another photo of herself and her dad walking in the snow. Amy said, “Thinking of my Dad today. He’s 94, doing amazingly great. Just thinking about the big impact my Dad has had in my life. Love you Dad.”

Fans began to think that it was his birthday. She clarified it was not. In fact, she seemed to be making the post as a subtle slam toward her ex-husband Matt Roloff.

When fans questioned her post Amy replied back saying she was just thinking about how much he has done for her and her siblings. She said, “Both my parents did a great job raising my sisters and brother and I. We do the best we can as parents and hope our kids know how much we love them and grow up to be good adults and as they become parents…he is a good Dad.”


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Many took this to be a slam toward Matt who was not there for their son Zach when he had a medical scare.

It’s quite obvious how much Amy loves her father.

What do you think about her post honoring him on Father’s Day?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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