‘Vanderpump Rules’ Rachel Leviss Claims To ‘Understand’ Ariana Madix’s ‘Pain’

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Vanderpump Rules alum Rachel Leviss claims to “understand” Ariana Madix’s “pain.” This comes on the heels of Rachel suing Ariana for revenge porn as well as having an affair with her longtime boyfriend. So, why is Rachel suddenly having a change of heart? Keep reading for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Rachel Leviss Claims To ‘Understand’ Ariana Madix’s ‘Pain’

When Rachel Leviss and Ariana Madix came face to face at the Season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion, it was not good. Mere weeks had gone by since the news broke that Rachel and Tom Sandoval had been having an affair for seven months. This killed Ariana inside as she and Rachel had become best friends and confidants. More so, it caused cameras for the show to be picked back up six months after filming had ended. Most of the cast as well as viewers and fans were livid and sickened by both Sandoval and Rachel.

Scheana Shay, Rachel Leviss, Ariana Madix-Instagram
Scheana Shay, Rachel Leviss, Ariana Madix-Instagram

Rachel headed to a mental health facility where she remained until Season 11 filming began. Despite negotiations, she opted not to return. However, she did start a podcast called Rachel Goes Rogue where she talks incessantly about Vanderpump Rules and the cast. Now, she is realizing that she should back off of Ariana. According to People, Rachel opened up on the June 12th episode of her podcast about how she will no longer be speaking about Ariana. Responding to a viewer’s question about why she did not address something Ariana said about her at the recent reunion, Rachel said this:

“I don’t need to talk about Ariana any more than I deem necessary to get my point across. And, unfortunately, yes, Ariana’s name has come out of my mouth and it is not to bash her in any way, it’s to provide context to my experience and the story that I’m sharing with you guys.”

Ariana Madix noted that Rachel Leviss constantly speaks about her. To that, Rachel had this to say:

“Her saying that about me, it made me think, ‘Well, yeah it sucks having [VPR] talk about me every single week.’  Not only talk about me but to completely defame me and to push a narrative that is not accurate. So, I get it. I understand her pain when it comes to me saying her name on my podcast and I’m sure it’s infuriating and frustrating.”

Though Rachel believes that she has been “respectful” while discussing her affair with Sandoval, she is now done speaking. At least about Ariana as she is no longer in her life any longer. Now, keep in mind, these two were thick as thieves during Season 10, traveling together and celebrating milestones. Then, after all was said and done, Rachel claimed that she was not close to Ariana or Scheana Shay.

It’s Still Going

Rachel Leviss still has her podcast and her lawsuit against Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. So, if she really cared about Ariana and her pain, she would take her name off of the suit. Ariana has submitted all of the proper paperwork to prove her innocence. She even showed off text messages, as well. Now, Vanderpump Rules is on an indefinite filming hiatus for Season 12. Ariana is off filming Love Island in Fiji and will return to Broadway for a month. The hope is that the cast can get away from ‘Scandoval’ and the whole affair and come back with new stories and drama.

Do you believe Rachel will ever stop talking about Ariana or is that all she has? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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