‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Exposes Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

A former contestant on The Price Is Right has opened up about their experience on the show and revealed some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the game show. What they shared about the selection process and other parts of the show might surprise some long-time viewers. Continue reading to see what they revealed.

There Is Nothing Random About Contestant Selection

Maria Fitzsimons and Jill Slattery had tickets for The Price Is Right back in 2013. Maria recently opened up to The U.S. Sun about her experience on the game show and revealed some shocking details.

The two friends showed up to the studio early and stood in line until they got inside. Everyone is interviewed beforehand, she said. “They interview every person. The producers go down the line and look you right in the eye and ask you questions,” Maria revealed of the process.

She also said that the entire interview process takes quite a long time. The Price Is Right producers split everyone into small groups for their interviews. “So, it was a full 45 minutes to an hour, probably closer to an hour, before we even made it to the front and before we made it into the building,” Maria shared.

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight
YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

“There was a lot of waiting around and not really knowing exactly what was going on,” she continued. “We finally got to the front to be interviewed, but there was a lot of waiting around.”

In addition to having a long time to wait before actually being interviewed, Maria said that nothing on The Price Is Right is random. Because the producers interview every single person, they already know who they’re going to pick to come down to the stage with Drew Carey. “They make it seem random, but it’s not,” she said.

While Maria and her friend Jill weren’t picked to be on the game show, they were seen on television in the audience.

The Price Is Right Wheel Is A Green Screen

The contestant selection process isn’t the only faked part of the show either. According to Maria, a key part of the beloved game show’s set is actually a green screen. Following their interviews, everyone is allowed to take a photo in front of the infamous wheel.

Of course, they can only get on stage if they are picked to be on the show. However, while they are being interviewed, there is a green screen that people can stand in front of and take a photo.

“When you’re in line, you snap a picture and it actually looks like you’re in front of the wheel,” Maria said. “You can buy the photo at the end of the taping. They don’t allow people to go on stage if you’re not picked.”

That being said, there is one thing that isn’t faked on the set of The Price Is Right, and that is Drew Carey’s charisma. Maria said that the host, who was new to the gig at the time, was friendly with everyone in the audience.

“I remember him engaging with the audience quite a bit, just coming really close to the edge of the stage during commercials and asking people where they’re from, wanting to know about them like how they’re doing today,” she said.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for the time.

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  1. That’s messed up. I have also read that when you win a large item you don’t get it right away, you have to wait like weeks. I don’t like this show anymore. Nothing is “real”. What else is fake.

  2. I Been on the Show Did not :Call on Stage .Sits in the Front Close to the Stage .They want the Show to be Hoped up So You have to keep sitting and Standing Everytime one is Called After the Bid .You have to be Cheering and Screaming Looking at the Audience for Someone to Help you with the Cost of the Item .I was so Depressed It took almost a Whole Day For Pictures in Front the Wheel And The Stupid Interview And The Dum Q. It was a Waste of Time and a Lot of Fake Lying Crap.👀😠

  3. Every time there is an urgent news flash, they either interrupt Lets Make a Deal or the Price is Right. Sometimes we never get to see the end of the shows or miss parts of it. If it was a life or death threat, then I could see doing it. The news comes on a Noon and the same alert news is given again. Give me a break. Our country is in one huge mess and the only enjoyment we get at times are these two shows. I don’t know who one complains to but it is always these two shows. I wish I could be a contestant on the show and would love to stand in line with my ballerina great niece. She is 13 and exceptionally smart and talented. Hopefully, someday, I will make it there before my calling.

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