‘Sister Wives’ Fans Compare Meri Brown To Creepy Sinister Clown

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been called many things by critics of the TLC show, and this weekend, they mocked her for looking like a creepy sinister clown. While a lot of fans love Kody Brown’s former first wife, others mock her for hanging with him for too long and then claiming she can help people “worthy up.”

Meri Brown Strikes Some Fans As Too Prickly

Sister Wives fans heard over the years, that members of the family thought she was abusive with the kids. Additionally, a lot of people won’t forgive her for pretending to still be with Kody Brown for a long time. TLC fans also grew annoyed with her because she couldn’t seem to see that Robyn was allegedly gaslighting her. Plus, they thought she overacted being “Miserable Meri” on the show because she seemed very different on social media.

Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri Brown just celebrated their 30th anniversary
Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri Brown celebrated their 30th anniversary – TLC – YouTube

Meri Brown, some TLC fans agree, seems to have a prickly personality. Perhaps, it’s because she’s not afraid to clap back at critics. And in the past, she got some awful criticism for her style. Now they are at it again and this time she’s being likened to a creepy clown. Read on to find out why.

Sister Wives Star Compared To A Creepy Clown

On Saturday, a Sister Wives viewer posted a meme on Reddit that showed Kody Brown’s former first wife and a creepy clown. In the caption, the OP wrote:

Everytime I see the season 1 intro this is all I see

Fans Mock Sister Wives Star Meri Brown- Via Reddit
Fans Mock Sister Wives Star Meri Brown- Via Reddit

In the discussion, fans enjoyed joking about Meri Brown. And, most of it was directed at her varying hairstyles. Here are some of their comments:

  • Stop, That couldn’t be more accurate and now I’m super uncomfy.
  • She Worthied Up.
  • Am I too early?? Where are all the Meri stans???? LOL
  • I hated her flippy hair
  • She had such lovely hair when she was younger. Now it’s over processed, over done, and so dry looking.

TLC Fans Gave Reality TV Stars Nicknames

Mocking reality TV stars is a sad fact of life, but fans enjoy joking. “Miserable Meri” and “Sobbin’ Robyn” come from Sister Wives, as does “Grody” for Kody. Then on Seeking Sister Wives, they call Garrick Merrifield “Ick.” And on 90 Day Fiance they call Big Ed “Pred.” and Counting On’s Josh Duggar is “Pest.” So, it’s not unusual for people to compare TV personalities to things like creepy clowns.

What are your thoughts on TLC fans mocking Meri Brown’s hair? Do you think that comparing her to a clown is a bit harsh? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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