Mama June’s Husband, Justin Stroud Fed Up With Her Lies

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June Shannon, AKA “Mama June” can be aggressive, loud, and in your face. However, the Mama June: Family Crisis star met her match with Justin Stroud who seemed fed up with her lies, and dishonesty. He ripped into her and confessed to second thoughts about being her husband. Read on to find out more about the drama on WeTV.

Mama June Shannon Angered Her Daughter, Alana Thompson

The current season of Mama June Family Crisis focused on more than Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell’s death. It also revealed high school graduate, Alana Thomson preparing to go college. However, her mom didn’t want that. Instead, she believed that her youngest daughter wasn’t ready for freedom. However many people did not believe that reasoning when they heard that the WeTV star only paid a small amount into Alana’s Cougan account.

Alana Thompson-YouTube
Alana Thompson Mama June: Family Crisis – TLC – YouTube

As Alana needed the money for college, she threatened to take her mom to court. June Shannon refused to pay back the money. She justified her spending by saying it was for her needs. But, she also claimed that she spent it on other people. This angered fans of Mama June: Family Crisis, along with Justin Stroud who criticized her for her lies. Needless to say, he jumped into audience approval after he ripped into her about the money.

Mama June: Family Crisis Star Justin Rips Into His Wife

WeTV fans saw that stubborn June believed it was just too bad for her daughter. Plus, she told a producer she wouldn’t pay the money back. Justin was already angry because she’d claimed to Alana that he knew about the money when he didn’t. It was just all too much. So, he stood up and let her have a piece of his mind,

Mama June Family Crisis - Justin Stroud Tells Off June Shannon - WeTV YouTube
Mama June Family Crisis – Justin Stroud Tells Off June Shannon – WeTV YouTube

Mama June got a mouthful from her husband who yelled:

Make it right! You owe it to her. When you ask me to take care of stuff and you asked me to move here, I did it. And because I love them and I care for them and I want the relationship to not be f–ked up, at least on my end. I need you, as your husband, to take care of it.

Justin Stroud Rips Mama June Shannon - WeTV - YouTube
Justin Stroud Rips Mama June Shannon – WeTV – YouTube

Justin Stroud told his mom that he said to June that she better give the money back or his marriage is over. He concluded, “June lives on another planet sometimes. Like, you took the girl’s money. It’s her money…You know, it’s my wife. But, like, right is right, and wrong is wrong.”

In the comments on YouTube, plenty of fans loved that Justin Stroud told Mama June Shannon the truth about herself. Here are some reactions:

  • June you got yourself a good man there and you holding your tongue tells me you know what he’s saying is 100.
  • Justin is the voice of reason? He’s not a bad man. He’s really trying.
  • Justin! You the man for real!! Like MVP!
  • ice to see Justin call it for what it is. he seems to be a decent person

What are your opinions on Justin Stroud confronting Mama June Shannon for not returning the money to her daughter, Alana Thompson? Are you surprised that he stood up to the WeTV star? Share your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all the latest Mama June: Family Crisis news.

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  1. I am proud of Justin Stroud! He is being honest and direct and if June continues with her lies I am afraid she is going to lose a good man, who wants to father those girls, is going to lose him as well as her girls! She deserves what she gets.

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