‘Summer House’ Lindsay Hubbard Questions Carl Radke’s Sobriety

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Summer House stars, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are still tense with each other after he called off the wedding. In a recent teaser for the Bravo Reunion, she questioned his sobriety. Additionally, she claimed that he got aggressive if she drank anything, even out of his sight.

Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Are Irretrievable

The couple split and a lot of rumors went around that Carl Radke had fathered a child by another woman. But later, information arrived that they had an arguemnt when they got back from Montauk. Eventually, he called off the wedding and got stuck with the cancellation fees.

Carl and Lindsay
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard From Bravo’s Summer House

Bravo fans think that the chances of a reconciliation are below zero for the Summer House stars. In fact, things seem so final, that many fans would like to see Lindsay Hubbard as the next Bachelorette. Additionally, rumors arose that Cark Radke might be dating someone else. The passing of time reveals that bitterness persists, and Carl’s ex questioned his sobriety.

Carl Radke Gets Called Out During Reunion

Lindsay seems ready for battle, and she said in an extended reunion preview that her ex took “mushrooms.” The Peacock/Bravo teaser on Instagram revealed that they both tried a tiny bit. Carl Radke admitted that it was a very small amount and claimed they both decided they’d never try it again.

Summer House Reunion - Bravo via Instagram
Summer House Reunion – Bravo via Instagram

Lindsay Hubbard defended her outing of Carl by saying:

I do have a lot of questions about what is considered sober and what is considered not. Is weed in the clear of considered sober? … I don’t claim to be sober.

Carl also tackled his Summer House partner after she called him “Cocaine Carl” earlier in the season. He hit back by pointing out that calling a recovering addict a name like that could tempt said addict to take up the habit again.

While Linsday agreed she was wrong about that, she also complained because she doesn’t have a drinking problem. But, she alleged, Carl Radke gets “aggressive” when questioning her on what and how much she drinks.

Summer House Fans React

Others in the cast thought that Lindsay was wrong to out him. In the comments on social media, fans discussed the scene. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • Everybody just forgetting when Kyle brought up Carl’s substance issues last season when he wasn’t in a good place with both Carl & Lindsay. 🙄
  • Amanda- his definition of sober. Girl, sober is sober. You are or you are not. And he is clearly not.
  • The utter shock that Kyle was the original person who outed Carl and that didn’t come up a single time.
  • Anyone actually believing this guy isn’t cocaine Carl needs a reality check! The one calling them out always looks bad.

What are your thoughts about Lindsay Hubbard calling out Carl Radke on his sobriety? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Summer House news from Bravo

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