Blake Lively Proud Of ‘It Ends With Us’ Says Movie Honors Book

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Blake Lively and the rest of the cast of the upcoming movie It Ends With Us were excited over the weekend to have a select number of fans preview their work. The move is still getting finishing touches added in before the big premiere in August. However, prior to that, they wanted to know if they were being true to what fans demanded of the adaptation. What did Blake have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Lively Dishes On It Ends With Us

Blake Lively has a message for all the fans who are a bit skeptical of the movie adaption of the best-selling book This is Us. She thinks that even the most skeptical will be satisfied with how they portrayed Lily’s story on screen.

She went on to say “Some people will always like a book better than a movie and some people like a movie better than the book. But I think that we just did our best to honor the book and honor the fans, and, I think, really make something that works even by itself.”

Blake didn’t stop there. She also said, “If you don’t know the book, the movie works. I don’t think there’s any way that if you read the book and you saw the movie that you wouldn’t be thrilled. We really worked hard on that. I also believe if you saw the movie and then read the book, you wouldn’t go, ‘Hold on, this isn’t like [the other].’ You can do either. I think they’re both really beautiful.”

It Ends With Us via YOuTube
It Ends With Us via YouTube

What Is The 2016 Romance Novel About?

It Ends With Us has been a worldwide success. Lily Bloom will meet and fall in love with surgeon Ryle played by Justin Baldoni. However, things become complicated between them for a variety of reasons. Things get even worse when her first love Atlas played by Brandon Sklenar shockingly shows back up in her life.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of the movie. Production got delayed due to the writer’s strike. Then after originally having a June release date, the film got pushed back again and is now scheduled for an August 9 premiere.

Everyone who loves this book is excited to see the characters brought to life on the big screen. Fans just hope that Blake’s words are true and the movie stays true to the story the book was trying to tell.

What do you think about Blake saying fans will be satisfied with how they brought their favorite characters to life? Are you excited to see It Ends With Us starring Blake Lively?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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