‘American Idol’ Will Moseley Calls Jelly Roll A Liar?

American Idol: Will Moseley

American Idol Season 22 runner-up Will Moseley recently called Need A Favor singer and guest judge Jelly Roll a liar. What happened between these two men that brought this on?

American Idol: Will Moseley Shined Bright During Season 22

Things came down to the wire for American Idol Season 22 runner-up Will Moseley. He made it all the way to the final two. It ended up being a coin flip between him and eventual winner Abi Carter. Will may have finished in second place, and he may not have secured the title in the end, but, he had quite the impressive run.

Will Moseley beat out other top American Idol Season 22 heavy hitters like Jack Blocker to secure his spot in the final two. No matter what happens from here on out with Will Moseley’s career, his exposure on the popular reality singing competition changed his life in a big way, and exposed him to a huge audience.

Will Moseley on American Idol | YouTube
Will Moseley on American Idol | YouTube

Moseley Had A Unique Encounter With Jelly Roll

A sure sign that American Idol finalist Will Moseley hasn’t let the fame and the exposure go to his head is evident based on an interaction he talked about having with Jelly Roll.

As fans know, Jelly Roll is one of the biggest names on the planet right now. Fans also know that it wasn’t a quick rise to the top for the singer. He had to pay his dues before he caught his big break. Surely, Will Moseley and others can learn a thing or two from the Son of a Sinner singer.

Jelly Roll
Jelly Roll/YouTube

American Idol: Will Moseley Called Jelly Roll A Liar, Why?

According to American Idol runner-up Will Moseley, he didn’t believe Jelly Roll when Jelly told him that he knew who he was. The way Will tells it, when he first met Jelly Roll while filming the show and introduced himself, Jelly told Will that he had “heard” his name.

Will Moseley couldn’t believe it, to the point where he accused Jelly Roll of lying about that. Will’s reaction was: “Nah, man, you don’t have to lie to me.”

To which Jelly replied that he was “serious” about knowing who Will was. Not surprisingly, this was a huge boost of confidence for Will, and proof that he was on the right path.

According to Will, it was “super cool” to know that one of his musical inspirations knew who he was, and acknowledged knowing him.

Now that Will Moseley made it all the way to the American Idol Season 22 finale, it’s safe to say that, along with Jelly Roll, millions more people know who he is.

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