‘American Idol’ Meghan Trainor Begs Execs For Katy Perry’s Job

Meghan Trainor - YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Since Katy Perry announced that she would be leaving American Idol earlier this year, fans have been trying to figure out who would take her place. Rumors about who might take Katy’s seat at the judge’s table have been circulating for months and plenty of celebrities have said they would be thrilled to have the job. However, Meghan Trainor may have the job in the bag. The Mother singer has been in touch with higher-ups on the competition show. Continue reading to find out if she has a future on American Idol.

Meghan Trainor Says American Idol Is Her ‘Dream Job’

Meghan Trainor opened up about her “dream job” on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During their conversation, the 30-year-old pop star said that she has been attempting to land a job as a judge on American Idol. Plenty of other celebs have said they’d love the job, but it seems like Meghan is willing to beg to get it.

“I’ve done every interview in the world and said that that is my dream job and I have emailed three awesome people who work in that world,” she told Andy. While the people she has been in contact with don’t have the “full say” on who gets the position, she said that she “begged.”

Meghan Trainor - YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

“I haven’t heard any updates, so check my emails, but that is my dream job,” she revealed on Watch What Happens Live. “I want to drive to work at American Idol and then drive home.”

Currently, there has been no confirmation on who will take Katy Perry’s spot on American Idol for Season 23. That said, Meghan Trainor could have an advantage.

Luke Bryan & Ryan Seacrest Think Meghan Would Do Great

The Me Too singer has previously hosted the international version of the competition show. Additionally, current judge Luke Bryan and long-time host Ryan Seacrest have both said that she would be a great replacement for Katy Perry.

The judges on American Idol / YouTube

“She was very good,” Ryan said of Meghan. “[She] is a super talent too, and she’s got a great sense of humor. She’s fun and she’s spontaneous.”

Luke Bryan agreed with the American Idol host. He said, “I think Meghan’s always been real fun. You know, that’s kinda been her brand, to have fun. [She’s] real witty, so certainly.”

There is a long list of names who are in the running for Katy Perry’s position on the show. Performers like Jelly Roll and Miley Cyrus have been said to be in the running for the spot at the judge’s table. Former American Idol contestants Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia Barrino have also been mentioned.

Right now, there is no telling who the third judge will be in the upcoming 23rd season. One thing’s certain though, if they give Meghan Trainor a call, she’ll be ready to take on the job.

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