‘Teen Mom’ Details Of Amber’s Portwood’s Final Fight With Fiance

Amber Portwood - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Amber Portwood has been in the spotlight over the last week after the news of her fiance’s disappearance broke. The Teen Mom star‘s fiance, Gary Wayt, has not been seen since last Sunday. Now, an insider close to the couple has revealed the details behind their explosive fight right before Gary stormed out. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Gary Wayt’s Family Was Not Supportive Of Their Relationship

Couples have disagreements from time to time, but they don’t often lead to one of the people going missing. The story behind the argument between Amber Portwood and Gary Wayt is coming to light now. It leaves more questions than answers regarding Gary’s whereabouts.

Gary and Amber traveled to North Carolina from Indiana for her brother’s wedding last Thursday. According to an insider, they appeared to be having a great time together. The couple planned to stay the weekend and had a VRBO cabin in Bryson City. During their stay, they planned to get some quality time in with Shawn Portwood, Amber’s brother, and his new wife, Rachel Williams.

Amber Portwood - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom
YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

While they were in North Carolina, the news of their engagement was shared with their families. Apparently, Gary’s family was not excited about Amber Portwood marrying their son.

“They talked about the difference in culture between his culture and hers and how his family was not very accepting of her and expressed serious concerns,” the insider revealed. “They also said that they didn’t like her past.”

Amber Portwood Is Rescued By Maci Bookout

The couple planned to go over to Gary’s family’s home after the weekend to address their concerns about the relationship. However, that never wound up happening. Following an intense argument, Gary Wayt stormed out of the cabin, leaving Amber Portwood stranded in the cabin without a way home.

What is more shocking is that Gary has not been seen since then. He left his phone behind in the cabin, so no one has been able to call him. Amber called the police after he’d been missing for an entire day. The local Bryson City police department put out a BOLO on Gary Wayt and opened a missing person’s case.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Gary Is Missing - TM Chatter - Instagram
Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Gary Is Missing – TM Chatter – Instagram

“She was beside herself and hadn’t eaten or slept and was worried sick about him,” the insider shared. Once she heard that he was allegedly spotted in Oklahoma sometime on Tuesday she felt like she could breathe. That is when she started to make the arrangements to get back to Indiana.

Because she had no car or any way to get home herself, she relied on a fellow Teen Mom star. Maci Bookout came to her rescue and drove her back to Indiana.

While it has been confirmed that Gary Wayt was spotted 10 hours away from where they were in North Carolina, the couple still has not been reunited. It is unclear whether or not their relationship will continue after these dramatic events unfolded.

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  1. Glad he is ok and got away from toxic Amber. His family had every right to be concerned. She is a menace. She has abused every single guy that she has been with. Gary got smart and left.

    1. yep, you are right and she probably would of gotten pregnant for the attention and lost the new one to another baby daddy, because she is too lazy and selfish to take care of anyone physically but herself.

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