Andy Cohen Slapped With Intimidation Lawsuit By ‘RHONY’ Alum

Andy Cohen-YouTube

Andy Cohen has been slapped with an intimidation lawsuit by a RHONY alum. The Bravo exec has been in the middle of allegations and lawsuits for some time now. Fans even believed that this was the reason for the BravoCon 2024 postponement. So, what is this current suit about and does it hold any water? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Slapped With Intimidation Lawsuit By RHONY Alum

It has been lawsuit season for Andy Cohen and Bravo. Caroline Manzo is suing Bravo, NBCUniversal, Shed Media, Forest Productions, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Peacock TV after an alleged assault during RHUGT Morocco. She claimed that co-star, Brandi Glanville sexually assaulted her while production sat by and watched. This has been disputed by Brandi and other cast mates. However, Brandi has threatened legal action as she feels like a pawn for Bravo. She also claimed that Andy sexually harassed her which he disputed but did apologize for.

Brandi Glanville-YouTube
Brandi Glanville-YouTube

Now, a lawsuit brought on by a RHONY alum is coming back up again and it is even more elaborate. Leah McSweeney, who was in Seasons 12 and 13, had brought a lawsuit against Bravo and Andy in February 2024. She alleged that they used her mental health and prior drinking issues to their advantage. More so, she claimed that Andy did drugs, specifically cocaine, with Bravolebs so that they would get a good edit. He has vehemently denied this and a third party cleared him of any wrongdoings.

Leah McSweeney-YouTube
Leah McSweeney-YouTube

According to Page Six, Leah has more to say in her latest suit against Andy Cohen. After her initial lawsuit, a letter was drafted to Leah, and it was somehow leaked to the press. In it, Andy wanted what she claimed retracted as it was “libel.” If she didn’t, he would sue but, in Leah’s new suit, she believes this letter was meant to “intimidate Ms. McSweeney out of further pursuing” the suit. It is also believed that he wanted to stop other housewives from following in her footsteps.

Damaging Leah’s Reputation

Also in Leah McSweeney’s amended lawsuit, she is saying that Andy Cohen wanted his lawyer’s statement to hurt her “reputation in the entertainment industry, thereby negatively affecting [her] prospective employment or business opportunities.” After RHONY was over, Leah did appear on Season 3 of RHUGT but her co-stars were not supportive of her sobriety. At the same time, when she started on RHONY, she had been sober for almost a decade but started drinking a handful of months before filming began. There are a lot of factors in this so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Do you think that Leah McSweeney has a valid argument against Bravo and Andy Cohen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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