‘The Challenge’ Star Needs Surgery After Grueling Season Loss

Ryan Kehoe from The Challenge | YouTube

The Challenge: All Stars 4 saw Ryan Kehoe compete for the championship. However, he lost out right before the final began. Just as he attempted to make his second straight finals appearance, he was purged in the last challenge. He needed surgery after the season ended.

According to Ryan, he needed surgery the entire season but hid this fact so he could keep competing. Here is what you need to know about Ryan’s injuries.

Ryan Kehoe Loses The Challenge Thanks To Injury

Ryan Kehoe, who was a Fresh Meat alum, hoped to make it to his second consecutive finals appearance. He ended up going home in the last challenge before that could happen with Adam Larson. Derek Chavez won as the final male star, and Laurel Stucky was the final female star.

Ryan Kehoe from The Challenge | YouTube
Ryan Kehoe from The Challenge | YouTube

Ryan said it was “bittersweet,” but he said he made it further than he expected. He played the entire season with a broken collarbone (via Entertainment Weekly). He said the injury happened earlier in the competition.

“What they didn’t show is that I had shattered my clavicle on day 5 at the very beginning of the season on a water slide in the house on our day off,” Ryan said. He called it a freak accident that happened because Tina put dish soap on the waterslide. They asked him to get an X-ray, but he refused because he didn’t want to go home.

At the time of the injury, no one had completed a challenge yet.

Ryan Said He Wanted To Compete Regardless Of Injury

Ryan Kehoe said he wanted to compete in The Challenge: All Stars 4 and wouldn’t let an injury slow him down. However, he realizes that his injury was what caused him not to be able to compete at full strength.

Ryan Kehoe from The Challenge | YouTube
Ryan Kehoe from The Challenge | YouTube

“I pushed through with this injury the entire season, so that opportunity I would’ve had to go against Jay,” Ryan said. He then explained why he didn’t go in, saying he figured it would be something like Hall Brawl or Pole Wrestle. “I didn’t want to further that injury. I was like, ‘Be a little responsible with your body,’ but yeah, it’s kind of lame that I didn’t go in after seeing what the elimination was.”

Sadly, when he saw that the final elimination was an underwater challenge, he knows he could have won the challenge. He said that he is a “water baby” and loves swimming. He also said that Jay is colorblind and has a deviated septum, so he couldn’t go under without holding his nose.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Kehoe competing in The Challenge: All Stars 4 with a broken collarbone? Should he have baked out to get surgery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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