‘RHOSLC’ Monica Garcia Speaks Out On ‘Traitors’ Firing

Monica Garcia-YouTube

Former RHOSLC star Monica Garcia is speaking out on her alleged The Traitors Season 3 firing. Some rumors have emerged as to why she did not make it to the cast. Now, she is sharing her truth but what does the Salt Lake City villain have to say? Keep reading for more details.

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Speaks Out On Traitors Firing

The Season 3 cast for The Traitors has been released and it has some very interesting and possibly perfect Bravolebs. Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules fame is on the roster as is RHONY alum Dorinda Medley. She showed a whole new side of herself in Season 12, which was subsequently her last. Medley was then “put on pause” by Bravo. She reappeared in RHUGT Season 2 when the show took place at her Berkshires homes. However, she was quite mean and lashed out in almost every episode. Therefore, she is also perfect for the show. RHOSLC alum Monica Garcia seems to be someone who would fit in amazingly well.

Monica Garcia-YouTube
Monica Garcia-YouTube

She turned out to be behind the Instagram troll account, Reality Von Tease that had been haunting the Salt Lake cast. This was revealed in the Season 4 finale but she showed no remorse so she was let go. Now, it has come out that she was allegedly supposed to be a part of The Traitors Season 3 but was kicked off for failing a psych exam. A Reddit thread was soon started over this and followers had a lot to say:

  • But Dorlinda and Tom Sandoval passed it???
  • The way I wanna see every reality tv star‘s results on their psych exams.
  • Geez wonder what she said in that psych exam. I mean even Dorinda passed that thing

However, Monica Garcia quickly disputed this and threatened legal action.


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She added that it was “insanely damaging and false” for someone to put this out. Again, fans chimed in:

  • By legal action, she means she’s gonna try and find your address, drive by and rack up 20,000 miles in 3 months
  • So then it’s a good thing Teresa wasn’t even asked. She wouldn’t have passed.

Personal Problems

One follower noted that Monica Garcia just suffered a miscarriage. Therefore, being on The Traitors may not have been the best idea as of now. She should probably have some downtime to process her pain. Additionally, she may have been asked and turned it down to heal herself. It would be interesting to hear what she has to say and if she was even approached to be on the show. Or, if this is pure speculation.

Do you think that Monica would have been a good addition to The Traitors cast? More so, do you believe she would have passed the psych evaluation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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