‘Price Is Right’ Fans Call Game Rigged After Shocking Win

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

The Price is Right had a once-in-a-lifetime moment during a game this week. The moment was so rare that the contestant didn’t need to do anything to win the car. However, many fans have claimed that the game he was playing was “rigged” in the end.

Here is a look at what happened and why people think The Price is Right is rigged.

Price is Right Has An Epic Dice Win

The game show’s big moment happened on Wednesday’s Price is Right. A contestant named Devon came up and got the chance to play the Dice game for a free car. The rule of the game is that a person has a chance to get a number on the car price uncovered for every role of the dice.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

If the Dice rolls a 2, 3, 4, or 5, the person has to guess higher or lower if they don’t get the exact number right. However, there are two freebies for the players when rolling. Since there are no numbers smaller than 1 or higher than 6, if they roll either of those numbers, they get the “higher or lower” marked automatically.

Devib started off by rolling a 6. Since it has to be lower than 6, it is an automatic winner. Devon didn’t really get it as he was saying, “lower,” but then he figured it out. His second roll was another 6, so it was also shown as automatically lower.  His third roll ended up as a 1, and since it wasn’t a 1, it had to be higher. Devon’s third roll was a 6, which means he won the car without ever having to make a “higher” or “lower” guess.

Drew told him to just go to his new car without bothering with the puzzle. As Drew shook his hand, he mentioned how “insane” the moment was. As he hugged the model by the car, Drew said it was “amazing.”

Fans Think The Price Is Right Game Was Rigged

While Drew thought it was “amazing” and the player was amazed by his win, Price is Right fans at home couldn’t let the moment end in celebration. Many accused the show of rigging the game.

After the game show shared the video, fans threw out the accusations, while others defended Devon and the show:

  • “Those dice were obviously rigged”
  • “If you can’t see what he is doing… you don’t know much about dice”
  • “Boss already knew he won!!! He has some similar dice at home that he rolls”
  • “I was there for this taping!!! I was on my feet after he rolled the 3rd dice!!! So awesome to see that live!”

What are your thoughts on Devon’s lucky rolls with the Dice game on The Price is Right? Do you think the show could possibly rig something like this, or were you just happy for him? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. He just happened to roll well, it’s no big deal! Everyone knows that if you roll all 6’s and 1’s, then you win, PERIOD!!

    1. I have noticed over time that a lot of contestants are actors who have appeared in commercials etc etc, therefore it must be some what rigged , has anyone else not noticed this?

  2. How could this game be rigged, with the dice ?
    How wud they do that ?
    I think he just got really lucky !!

  3. I guess with the times are today,now the TV shows are rigged Or is it a jealous person accusing this.

  4. If you hold the die with the one or six on top, then roll it across the line, your chances of getting a one or six are better than 75%. It’s not a “fix “, it’s a skill. Try it at home.

  5. I noticed that the wheel seems rigged to and usually for people of color, and that most picked contestants are people of color too much coinsidence

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