‘On Patrol: Live’ Fan Favorite Returns Tonight

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An On Patrol: Live fan favorite is returning to the show and studio tonight, Friday, June 14th, 2024. It is almost summertime so viewers are ready and raring to go for even more fun and excitement. So, who is coming back and what are the fan reactions? Keep reading for more details.

On Patrol: Live Fan Favorite Returns Tonight

When an On Patrol: Live fan favorite goes missing for too long, viewers start asking questions. They begin Reddit threads and go on Twitter/X to figure out when these officers will be coming back. One county that is always asked about is Hazen located in Arkansas, especially Chief Bradley Taylor. Fans love him so much and were sad when they took time off over Thanksgiving for hunting season and to be with their families. Yet, they understood and respected that they needed family time. Hazen came back in February only to announce another departure in April 2024.

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook
Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

They had another hunting season plus it was ball season and the officers are very active with the little ones playing and traveling. Chief Bradley Taylor also shared how small their unit is so it is not so easy for them to do their job while also coming to the studio. However, he noted they would return after Memorial Day. That has come and gone so where are they? They will be back in the studio tonight, June 14th, and Saturday, June 15th, according to a post from the show.

Yes, Chief Bradley Taylor will be coming back to On Patrol: Live, and fans are over the moon about this. He has been billed as one of the favorite officers out of all of them. So, what are fans saying about his return? They immediately headed to the comment section:

  • Thank God prayers are answered! We miss you all terribly.
  • Love him!! I could listen to him talk all day long! I also love how many people he has “known all their lives”!! Looking forward to seeing him in studio!!
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited! He’s good people!
  • Chief Bradley Taylor is an absolute favorite in our house!!!

Chief Taylor Travels

As the good word about Chief Bradley Taylor made it to the On Patrol: Live world, he and his family made it to New York City. He documented their travels on Facebook and it seemed the kids had the most fun flight.

Chief Taylor met fans and the kids got to head into the cockpit. Immediately, fans were thrilled to see that he would be back in the studio. Some sensed it before OPL even shared the big news. So, this is fixing to be a very exciting weekend.

Are you happy that Chief Taylor is back? Let us know in the comments and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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