Mama June Admits Shocking 100-Lb Weight Gain & Spending Alana’s Money

Mama June Shannon - ET YouTube

Mama June: Family Crisis star Alana Thompson and her mom, June Shannon opened up about the money that was not banked for the child star. More followed, with candid revelations about weight gain, loss, and sobriety.

Mama June Shannon Soon Celebrates 5 Years Sober

The WeTV show revealed that Alana Thompson’s mom, June claimed her daughter wasn’t ready for college. However, it seems that she only said that because the money for college wasn’t in the bank account. When she ran off with Geno Doak on a drug spree, probably, some of it was wasted. Now that she is five years sober, June got candid about the “stolen” money.

Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak
Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak blew a lot of money – Instagram

Mama June had a special account called a Coogan account. The system is designed to safeguard the earnings of child stars. However, money from shows like Dancing With The Stars Juniors was not available when the Mama June: Family Crisis starlet needed it. Getting candid in a recent interview, June admitted she didn’t bank all of her daughter’s money.

WeTV Star Alana Thompson Lost Money

Mama June opened up in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and confessed that times were very bad. And, she had used some of the cash rather than paying it all into the Coogan account. She said:

That time was, like, honestly a dark place in my life.

Mama June Shannon YouTube Feature
Mama June Shannon – WeTV YouTube

Additionally, the WeTv star claimed that she hadn’t put all the money in Alana Thompson’s account on the advice of others. Instead, she paid the “legal 20 percent.” The rest, she used to “live off.” Mama June added, “It wasn’t just mainly spent on me, no.”

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson-YouTube
Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson Mama June – WeTv – YouTube

ET discovered in the interview, that Alana tries to move on, but she wouldn’t spoil the show by saying if she’s been paid back. Remember, she threatened to take her mom to court.

Diet,  Weight Gain & Sobriety

Regarding weight gain and weight loss, June Shannon said she gained a lot of weight. In the last year, she put on over 100 pounds. However, she turned to exercise and has lost about 30 pounds. Alana’s mom didn’t say what diet she was on, but she did admit to working out  “three to four times a week.” However, she also noted, “I still have about 74.2 pounds to go.”

As for sobriety, the Mama June: Family Crisis star feels some pressure because she’s aware that fans expect her to fail. She explained:

It kinda, like, sucks for me in a way because everybody is, like, waiting for me to jump off the edge. I don’t even know who that person was five years ago.

What are your thoughts about Mama June Shannon not putting all of Alana Thompson’s money into the account? Are you surprised by how much weight the WeTV star gained? Do you hope she remains sober? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Mama June: Family Crisis news.

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