HGTV Alison Victoria Shows Off New Boyfriend After Divorce

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HGTV‘s Alison Victoria has made her new relationship Instagram official. The Windy City Rehab star flaunted her new beau on the Red Carpet last week. Now, she’s made their relationship public on social media. Here is everything we know about Alison Victoria’s boyfriend and details of how they met.

Alison Victoria’s Has Had Several Public Splits

Alison Victoria has had several notable breakups during her time in the spotlight. She teamed up with developer and contractor Donovan Eckhardt on her debut HGTV show Kitchen Crashers. However, she publicly ended the working relationship with her “work husband” in 2020.

Alison and Donovan were sued for poor work in several clients’ homes. On top of that, his developer and contractor licenses were revoked because he reportedly mismanaged some of their finances. As a result, Alison decided not to work with Donovan anymore, causing ripples in the HGTV community.

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Generally speaking, Alison Victoria’s personal life has been kept under wraps, but there have been some rumors about what happened with her ex-husband Luke Harding. The couple split in 2019, which coincided with the airing of Windy City Rehab.

Prior to their split, Alison said that Luke was her biggest fan, and that was the reason she decided to marry him. He was always cheering her on. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last.

One year after they separated, the HGTV star started dating Michael Marks. She said that he, along with her family, kept her anchored during the chaos with Donovan Eckhardt. That relationship didn’t last either.

HGTV Star Shares Photos Of Her New Boyfriend

Now, Alison Victoria has issued a hard launch of her new beau. The pair appeared together on the Red Carpet last week, and Alison shared photos of them at the event together on Instagram on June 12.

His name is Brandt Andersen. The 46-year-old’s IMDB page says that he is a producer, director and writer. His credits include the 2015 movie Everest starring Jake Gyllenhaal and another short film called Refugee (2020).

Alison Victoria’s Instagram post is the first time HGTV fans are catching a glimpse of her new boyfriend. In the caption, she wrote, “My [heart]. ‘Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.’ – Rumi.”


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The snapshots Alison shared show the gorgeous-looking couple getting cozy at the Red Carpet event. In one photo, they are all smiles as Brandt has his hand around Alison’s waist. Another picture shows the pair sharing a kiss, while a third shows the couple with their faces pressed together.

In the photos, Alison Victoria is sporting a stunning black sparkly formal gown. It has a low back and shows off the HGTV star‘s slender figure. Brandt wore loose-fitting black dress pants paired with a loose white suit jacket, white shirt, and white tie.

Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts. “You look beautiful and so happy,” one person wrote. Another commented, “You look stunning! Great couple!” Several others offered their well wishes for the couple.

The fourth season of Windy City Rehab aired in May 2023. It is not expected to come back for a fifth season at this time.

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