Deon Derrico’s Health Update On Nephew, Amid Prayer Request

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Doubling Down With the Derricos’ dad, Deon Derrico shared a post about his nephew, Amani with TLC fans this week, and asked for prayers. Now, he gave a health update. Read on to find out if the young man will be okay.

TLC Star Deon Derrico Called For Prayers

This time last year, after TLC fans heard that Deon’s brother, Chris passed away, they saw his son, Amani on the show. You might recall that he agreed to a DNA test to prove his bloodline to the reality TV family. He’d contacted the family via voicemail. But this week, he seemed to be very ill.

Amani spends time with his new Derrico family - TLC
Amani spends time with his new Derrico family – TLC

Deon Derrico called for prayers and explained that his nephew went under the knife for “a liver transplant.” The dad of 14 kids added, “He’s been extremely sick this entire year!” That sounded painful and worrying, so no doubt, TLC fans rallied to the call. Now, an update arrived, read on to find out what happened.

Doubling Down With the Derricos Amani Update

TLC fans who prayed for Amani waited to find out if everything went well for him. No doubt they will be relieved to hear that via his Instagram Stories, his uncle shared a new update. Fortunately, it seems as if the young man is going to be okay.

Deon Derrico and his late brother Chris - Instagram
Deon Derrico and his late brother Chris, the dad of Amani – Instagram

In his update, Deon Derrico thanked those TLC fans who prayed for his nephew. He said:

Thank you to everyone who sent a message and prayed for my nephew, Amani, his surgery went well, he is stable and resting.

Deon Derrico Updates On His Nephew Amani's Health
Deon Derrico Updates On His Nephew Amani’s Health

Fans can’t comment on stories, but Amani seemed popular with fans who saw him contact Deon, and then meet his grandmother, Marian “GG.” Derrico. She hadn’t known about his birth. Then, he spent time with the family doing fun things. But, seeing him crying at his father’s grave touched the hearts of many viewers.

When TLC shared a short teaser of that scene, a lot of Deon Derrico’s fans loved the emotional moment. Here is a small sample of what they said at the time:

  • Love how they embrace him such a wonderful family.
  • this is so sweet seeing grandma so happy and proud about her grandson amani.
  • Can’t stop crying beautiful family.
  • Very emotional episodes nice to see the family get the closure they all needed. Amani is so blessed to be part of a loving family that really adores him. God Bless this beautiful family.

What are your thoughts about Deon Derrico’s nephew, Amani surviving his liver transplant and resting easy already? Are you happy that he seems to be doing okay? Do you hope to see more of him on the TLC show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Doubling Down With the Derricos news.

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