‘Counting On’ The Family Duggar House For Sale?

Jim Bob Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Counting On alums Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been silent on social media for quite some time. Many of their children are now the ones sharing updates about the family. They’re still going to the big house for big gatherings, especially during the holidays. But Jim Bob and Michelle caught the attention of many after seemingly putting up their property for sale. Keep reading to see the shocking discovery.

Counting On: Latest Glimpse At The Duggar House

One of Jim Bob and Michelle’s latest appearances was during Jana’s IG return after over two years of hiatus. The Counting On alum uploaded a clip about a beautiful flower at the Duggar compound. But what caught the attention of many was her series of IG Stories posts featuring the Duggar family’s Mother’s Day lunch.

Jana Duggar & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram
Jana Duggar & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram

Some fans were impressed by Jim Bob’s weight loss. He’s also smiling at the camera, implying that everything is well. Michelle can also be seen looking happy and healthy as well. However, some Reddit users think Jim Bob and Michelle may be looking forward to letting go of their precious property.

The Duggar House For Sale?

Some Redidtors react to a recent listing featuring prices around the Duggar family’s land in Tontitown, Arkansas. According to the poster, they don’t know who’s selling off the land, but they assume that the Duggars are starting to struggle with money. Others also mentioned that it could be related to all the legal fees for Josh Duggar. However, some Counting On fans think it wasn’t Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s big house.

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From Reddit
Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From Reddit
  • “Big house land for sale? I’m not sure how much they owned before but it looks like they might be selling off some of the land. Pests legal fees are expensive I’m sure.”
  • “I want to buy the closest one, I wouldn’t build on it, I’d just mow the lawn in my bikini.”
  • “This isn’t their land. According to property records, it belongs to the neighbors.”
  • “Kind of odd that the lots between the WareHome and JoKen’s Cabin of Progeny are listed for sale. Maybe the taxman is sniffing around and JB is getting jumpy?”
  • “They must be broke. The still have a government lean on from Josh on the TTH. Bet the government and lawyers want their money.”

Counting On: Fans Think Jim Bob Duggar Is Aiming For A TV Return

There are also speculations that Jim Bob might be aiming to bring his family back to the small screens. The rumors began when some of his kids suddenly became so active online. One of them is Jessa, who suddenly went on a barrage of social media posts and vlogs about her daily life, which she no longer does. It’s also notable that Jessa’s activity came during Jana’s IG comeback. TLC has yet to share if they’re bringing back Counting On. But it seems the network is having a difficult time pairing with the family again after the CSAM arrest of Josh.

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