Chrisleys Finally Get Good News As Criminal Charges Dropped

Todd and Julie Chrisley - YouTube

Todd and Julie Chrisley are in prison, and Todd just dropped an appeal for a defamation lawsuit filed against him. They still have appeals in the works for their other convictions. Their daughter is even pushing for an investigation into the living conditions in the prisons her parents are in. However, the Chrisley family just escaped one court case.

Here is a look at the criminal charges dropped for the Chrisley family.

Courts Drop Criminal Charges Against Kyle Chrisley

Todd’s son, Kyle Chrisley, was facing criminal charges for an alleged assault at his place of work. According to reports, Kyle and his boss, Deven Campbell, got into an argument at work. A fight started, and Deven filed assault charges against Kyle. However, the criminal charges against Kyle were dropped.

Kyle Chrisley / YouTube
Kyle Chrisley / YouTube

In March 2023, Tennessee police arrested Kyle for felony aggravated assault. This happened two months after Todd and Julie reported to prison to begin their terms. The argument happened at work, and the victim said that Kyle made death threats against him.

The reports indicate that Kyle hit Devin multiple times in the face and body. The victim also claims that Kyle held a knife and threatened to kill Deven. The argument was over a $36 difference in Kyle’s paycheck. Deven said he hid until the police arrived.

Smyrna Court Clerk’s Office revealed prosecutors dismissed the charges before a trial.

Alleged Kyle Chrisley Victim Angry About Court Decision

The victim of the alleged assault, Deven Campbell, said that he is not happy about the dropped charges. What is interesting is that Campbell said that he feels that Kyle got away with it because his “family and fame” make him “above the law” (via In Touch).

Kyle Chrisley Nanny Faye Instagram
Kyle Chrisley Nanny Faye Instagram

The prosecutors blamed Deven for dropping the charges. The prosecutors sent a subpoena for Deven to testify at the trial, but Deven never showed up. Deven claimed he never got the subpoena, and the two men who helped hold Kyle back were also never served. He asked why he wouldn’t show up to testify against the man who attacked him.

“I’ve never been assaulted before; I don’t know what happens. I don’t know the processes are — I still don’t know what’s going on,” Deven said.

Kyle Chrisley had another story. According to Kyle, the charges were dismissed because Deven never showed up. “I do know the court tried multiple times to subpoena him. Fame did not play a role in the court’s decision what so ever,” Kyle said. “If my family were considered to be above the law, why are my parents in federal prison?”

Kyle said he was the employee, which “speaks for itself.” He said that Deven shoved him first, and when he began screaming in Kyle’s face, his PTSD caused him to fight back. He said that since Deven shoved him first, it is an assault by a supervisor in the workplace.

What are your thoughts on prosecutors dropping charges against Kyle Chrisley? Do you think the Chrisley family is “above the law?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. they should be released on time served! the government is so far up our ass, we arnt the land of the free anymore!

        1. I honestly thought this was about Todd and Julie, not Kyle😂😂 I was so excited thinking they were one step closer to being released early🥹 #FREETODD&JULIECHRISLEY

  1. I don’t feel they’re above the law @ All. The guy should’ve showed up to court, because I know they tried contacting him! I think we’ll NEVER really know what happened unless we were there. I’ve been told it’s ALWAYS 3 sides to a story. Their side, your side, & the truth!! I honestly believe If we were to go with what Kyle stated, ol boy WASN’T ready for that smoke when he put his hands on him, & he ran to call the laws 🤣

  2. I don’t think they are above the law. If they was they wouldn’t be in prison. I wish they would hurry up and let them out. I also hope when they do let them out they starta new show I watched their show all the time and I can’t wait to see how much prison has changed them. Also maybe now that boss has learned a lesson go to court with or with being made to. Also if you put your hands on someone that’s what happens. I bet he will think twice before pushing someone now lol.

  3. I commend Savannah on what she’s doing for her parents they keep stating that they are innocent and I believe them. I also believe that they are guilty of trusting the wrong people people. Let’s not get it twisted they’re nothing like Trump and his corrupted mind. So Savannah you keep doing what you got to do to prove your parents innocence. And As for Hunter Biden he is accepting his fate and so is the President they’re not crying like a baby because he knows that some of it he’s definitely guilty for and the President is not planning to pardon him or commute his sentence he would just have to serve his sentence. So Savanna you have me and my families support Blessings to you and More

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