Casting News Reveals Huge Spoiler For ‘Outlander’ Season 8

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Recent news regarding casting for Season 8 of Outlander may have accidentally dropped a spoiler for fans. The show is known for its twists and turns throughout the story. However, the latest casting development may have spoiled one of the show’s upcoming storylines. Keep reading to find out what the casting developments have revealed about the upcoming season.

Elspeth Cunningham Will Be Included In Season 8

Frances Tomelty was recently cast as Elspeth Cunningham on Outlander. The announcement of Tomelty’s new role in the show’s final season has revealed what the season’s storyline will entail.

For those who have not read the books, Elspeth enters the story as an enemy of the Frasers. She openly displays her dislike for Claire, who is played by Caitriona Balfe in the show.

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Including Elspeth reveals some significant details about what fans can expect in the upcoming final season of Outlander. Not only does it hint at what viewers will be able to expect about the story, but it may also lead to an important character’s death.

Although they don’t initially get along, Elspeth and Claire become cordial with each other after an awful accident. Their mutual understanding would not be possible without a significant loss occurring.

Will Amy Die In Outlander Season 8?

Brianna, who is played by Sophie Skelton, and Amy Higgins, played by Amy McCallum, experience something horrifying as they are gathering berries with their kids. What started out as a pleasant day out with the children turned into an absolute nightmare. Their families experience a bear attack.

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Thankfully, Brianna gets the kids to safety, but Amy winds up suffering fatal wounds from the attack. Amy is rushed to Claire for help, but her wounds are too bad to heal. Unfortunately, Amy succumbs to her injuries with her husband, Bobby, next to her.

During the heartbreak, Elspeth provides Claire with help in preparing for Amy’s funeral service. They make a deeper connection during this time and the two characters seem like they could’ve even been friends if the circumstances were different.


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In the books, Amy’s death is a pivotal point. That doesn’t mean it will be included in the show though. The production team could choose to leave this out of the Outlander TV show.

There are several things at play that might impact whether or not viewers will see Amy’s death play out on screen. Bobby Higgins, who is married to Amy in the book, has not yet been introduced in the show. He also doesn’t seem to be part of the latest casting decisions. When Amy and Bobby get married, it brings Amy closer to the main storyline and Jamie, played by Sam Heughan.

That being said, the producers could choose to keep the bear attack in the story even if Bobby doesn’t make an appearance, but it would bring up a lot of questions for viewers.

Part two of Outlander Season 7 is slated to air in November on Starz.

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