BravoCon 2025 Set, Andy Cohen Plays Dumb On Details

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BravoCon 2025 is pretty much set in stone yet Andy Cohen just played dumb when it came to the details. This year’s event was canceled and Andy explained why. So, it was pushed to 2025 but when he was pressed for more information at a night with Anderson Cooper, Andy drew a blank. What did the Bravo exec have to say? Keep reading for more details.

BravoCon 2025 Set, Andy Cohen Plays Dumb On Details

Fans were bummed when it was announced BravoCon was skipping a year. It has been doing really well the three years it has gone on and the meet and greets and well as panels are a hit. Some believed it was the lawsuits being thrown at Bravo as well as Andy Cohen. He soon debunked that myth and shared that the timing for 2024 did not work well. The venue they wanted would have been available too soon so he hoped that it would get postponed to 2025. That would allow more time for 2023’s convention to sink in and then they could have a great time.


That happened and Bravo sent out all of the information, declaring they were returning to Las Vegas. It was a huge announcement but Andy made it and the dates were set for November 2025. More so, there was a link so fans could book their rooms in Vegas in advance.


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Now, tickets for the convention have yet to go on sale but it did not matter. As long as the rooms were booked, that was all that mattered. Unfortunately, it appears Andy Cohen may have forgotten all of the details for BravoCon when recently asked about it. According to People, Andy and Anderson Cooper just did a Tribeca Talks event on Wednesday, June 12th. He started to talk about BravoCon and this is what he had to say:

“We’re going to do it next year. I’m so excited. I hope it’s in Vegas, but I don’t know where it’s going to be. We were in Vegas last year.”

As aforementioned, Bravo has already shared that it will take place in Vegas from November 14th through 16, 2025 at the Caesars Forum.

A Step Back

Andy Cohen went on to share, once again, why they took 2024 off from BravoCon, noting it was “on pause”:

“It was such a huge endeavor and so much. It just felt like too soon to do it again this year.”

Instead of doing that one event, the network has started to do Watch Party events in NYC and California. They are interactive and allow fellow Bravo fans to come together and enjoy the shows as one. As to why Andy acted as if he had no idea where BravoCon was taking place, that is a little bit shocking. Surely he will address it on his radio show in the near future.

Do you think Andy was playing coy or legitimately forgot what was going on? Or, is it possible there is some Vegas snag? Let us know in the comments below.

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