‘American Idol’ Luke Bryan On ‘Emotional’ Katy Perry Send Off

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Katy Perry finished up her last season on American Idol. This means that next season, there will be a new judge sitting with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. However, the two judges couldn’t let Katy go without an emotional goodbye. Luke Bryan explains that they kept it a private moment but had to do something.

Here is what Luke and Lionel did with Katy on her last night on the show.

Luke Bryan Talks Katy Perry’s Last Night On American Idol

Luke Bryan said that they couldn’t let Katy Perry leave American Idol without something special. Luke, Katy, and Lionel have been the only judges since the show rebooted on ABC. They have been together every season since, so it will be strange to see the show without one of them at the judge’s table.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

According to Luke, he said that he and Lionel threw Katy a “low-key” going away party. He explained that this as not an over-the-top party to celebrate Katy, but was instead something small as a “perfect” and “emotional” send off for the star.

“Everybody thinks we’re gonna go out and stand on barstools and spray champagne over everybody, but we just had a chill dinner,” Luke said about the event. “We got to toast Katy and we got to say some really amazing things to her and it was really emotional and [there was] a lot of love in the room.”

For all these seasons, Luke and Katy have seemed to have fun, bouncing things off each other. They pranked Lionel Richie. They pranked each other. Luke Bryan even started a bromance with Katy’s husband, actor Orlando Bloom. As a result, this was what Bryan called “a perfect way to wrap the season and to wrap, certainly, Katy’s tenure with us.”

Katy Perry Planning Big Return To Music

Katy Perry isn’t leaving American Idol because she didn’t like working on the show. Katy just said she wants to start touring and making music again.

Luke Bryan and Katy Perry
Luke Bryan and Katy Perry

Katy hasn’t released a new album since Smile in 2020. She hasn’t gone on a world tour since the Witness: The Tour jaunt in 2017-2018. She did her Play residency in Las Vegas, but that is not the same thing. “I feel so connected to America that I want to go out there again and sing and play music and hold their hands and tour,” Katy said.

She also has a special performance coming up where she will play a private pre-wedding concert in Cannes for 800 attendees. She will get paid millions for the special performance.

Are you going to miss Katy Perry on American Idol? Who do you think should replace her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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