‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Shocked By Streak Of High Value Prizes

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

One of the big draws for audiences to tune into The Price Is Right is never knowing what prizes will be in store on any given episode hosted by Drew Carey. Recently, fans were left stunned by the “insane” streak of high-value prizes. So, what has been up for grabs of late?

The Price Is Right: One Contestant Made Bank With Plinko

One thing that keeps The Price Is Right fans watching the popular game show is, not only are the prizes crazy, but, participants have a variety of ways to win. Of course, everyone wants to make it to the Showcase Showdown in the end. However, along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to take home a major win.

A man named Carlos earned himself three tries at Plinko after correctly guessing the price of two products. His first coin earned him a respectable $1k. This was followed by $2,500. If that were not enough, his final coin landed in the $100k slot, earning him a grand total of $103,500.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey/YouTube

Insane Seven-Day Getaway And More

Certainly, the one thing about The Price Is Right is, you never know exactly what prizes will be up for grabs. It could be anything from cold, hard cash to luxury cars, all-inclusive, exotic trips, and more. This was exactly the case for a player named Angelique, who got extremely lucky with her guesses.

Out of six grocery items in a recent The Price Is Right segment, Angelique correctly guessed the three most expensive ones. This hot streak of correct guessing led to her walking away with the trip of a lifetime. Along with a guest, Angelique won a seven-day stay in an underwater villa in the Maldives.

With airfare included in the package, the big win for Angelique totaled an impressive $44k. Even The Price Is Right host Drew Carey was left shocked by the value of the trip.

Drew Carey - Price Is Right
Drew Carey – The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right: Hot Streak For Plenty Of Contestants

The most impressive win in the last few days surely goes to a contestant named Patrice Masse. He made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. However, that wasn’t the most impressive thing about his game. Masse ended up bidding $39,500 on a showcase worth $39,501.

Patrice Masse was off by a single dollar in recent The Price Is Right scenes. Not only was this a near-perfect bid, but it won him both showcases.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

Indeed, there is clearly a hot streak going on right now, with several The Price Is Right contestants walking off the stage with insane prizes. Whether or not this streak continues is something that will surely keep viewers tuning in for more.

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