’90 Day Fiance’ Statler Riley Confirms Dempsey Split?

Statler Riley - YouTube 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance stars Statler Riley & Dempsey Wilkinson seemed unlikely to last, and so, TLC fans looked for clues that they had split. That came after they stopped posting about each other. But now, it seems that Statler may have confirmed they separated. And it doesn’t sound amicable.

Statler Riley & Dempsey Misunderstandings

TLC fans met the duo in 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Statler, a lesbian who came from Texas, decided that she’d move over to the UK where Dempsey lived, and take up permanent residence. However, her girlfriend was surprised by that. A lot of people liked the girl from the UK as she seemed very sweet.

Statler Riley, Dempsey Wilkinson - TLC - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Statler Riley, Dempsey Wilkinson – TLC – 90 Day Fiance – YouTube

Initially, the biggest issue with the 90 Day Fiance stars seemed to be their incompatibility when it came to raising children. Dempsey Wilkinson felt that she was being pushed into a permanent relationship too fast. Meanwhile, Statler Riley seemed incapable of helping out with cleaning and chores. So, TLC fans were not shocked to hear that things started going awry.

Dempsey Wilkinson Split, Called A Scammer

This year, it looked as if Dempsey finally decided to go over to the USA. Originally, they decided that they would rent a camper and travel around Europe. But, some TLC fans suspected Dempsey Wilkinson planned to join her girlfriend stateside. That seems to have been the outcome judging by a post shared on Reddit this week. .

Dempsey Wilkinson, Statler Riley - Instagram
90 Day Fiance stars Dempsey Wilkinson, Statler Riley in happier days – Instagram

A 90 Day Fiance fan who spotted a post on Riley Statler’s Instagram stories shared it with other TLC fans. It revealed a screenshot of Dempsey Wilkinson taking a photo of a van. The caption said, “The scam artist w/ her prize.” The next slide was a lot more detailed, and it said:

How it feels knowing your ex is living rent free in the van you are paying $700/month rent for her to do so. Unable to rent your own place w/out going further into debt. While she lives debt free b/c you unknkowingly helped her pay off her debts b/cos she manipulated you into taking on more.

Riley Statler Claimed Dempsey Scammed Her - Instagram via Reddit
Riley Statler Claimed Dempsey Scammed Her – Instagram via Reddit

Once again, Statler Riley used the word “scammed” to describe her former 90 Day Fiance lover. She added, “Can I afford her $700/month van rent and my own apartment rent? Find out next time on ‘You’ve Been Scammed By A British Gypsey & Everybody saw it coming but you!”

90 Day Fiance Fans Discuss The Post

The OP on Reddit wrote:

The latest from Statler and Dempsey 👀…Statler posted this on her IG. Speculation had been circulating that the 2 had recently broken up. I guess this confirms it 🤷🏼‍♀️ thoughts?…statler has since deleted these stories. I was quicker though lol.

Not all of the people in the discussion felt bad for Riley. Additionally, one of them accused the 90 Day Fiance star of manufacturing drama. Here are some of those comments:

  • Girl needs to accept that she’s just an inherently unlikable person. It’s not the edit, it’s not Dempsey, it’s you. You’re the problem. And when the world looks at you and says “no, you’re wrong” sometimes its best to take the hint.
  • This is only to get attention since the new season starts soon 🙄 To quote Kung Fu Kenny “the audience not dumb! Shape the stories how you want, hey [Statler] they’re not slow”
  • Statler is offputting and unlikable. She loves attention and needs to be in constant chaos.
  • Well if this is true and she knew about the F Buddy why in the hell did she invest in a van and not drop the relationship; doesn’t make sense. Maybe she’s learned her lesson about moving too fast like everyone told her.

What are your thoughts about what Statler Riley posted on social media? Does it seem obvious to you that the TLC star just confirmed the split? Or, is she faking drama for attention? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news. 

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