‘Sister Wives’ How Brown Family Fed Fans Lies For Years

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Sister Wives critics believe that the family of Kody Brown dreamed up a pack of lies over the years. Often, articles discuss one lie or another. However, not every single fan of the TLC show thinks they planned it that way. So, are many people overestimating the severity of them? Read on to find out what some people think.

Kody Brown & Meri Lied

It’s not to say that the Brown family never lies. After all, by her own admission, Meri Brown stayed on the edges of her family for years. She claimed that Kody refused to admit their relationship was over in a statement. So, she strung it along and enraged fans for disempowering women. In fact, critics felt that their lie made her come off as humiliating herself.

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Another big lie came when fans agreed that Robyn deliberately stirred the pot along with Kody Brown. That referred to the time when the Sister Wives patriarch said he picked out Robyn Brown’s wedding dress, but she later denied it. For many TLC fans, that came as the first sign of plotting, scheming, and manipulation.

Sister Wives Lies Are Exaggerated?

On Reddit this week, a TLC fan felt that critics read too much into the interpretation of the lies by Sister Wives family members. They wrote:

“The show was all a lie!” “They were lying to us!”
I keep seeing this and it’s becoming one of those things that the fandom is just accepting as fact. And frankly, this type of thing is a ridiculous oversimplification of what happened. Does nobody understand that nuance around here? They didn’t all sit around a table and say “Hehehe let’s make a show but make up all these good things about ourselves!”

Sister Wives: Meri - Robyn - Janelle - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Meri – Robyn – Janelle – Christine Brown – TLC

Defending the family of Kody Brown, they added, “Some things about their lives were better back then.” The fan felt that they were “telling themselves things were even better than they were.” Additionally, they might have tried “to differentiate themselves from…Warren Jeffs … Plus, they were just simply on TV.” At the end of the rant, the TLC fan felt that it was the viewers lying to themselves when they claimed the family spun a web of lies.

TLC Fans React

In the comments, a lot of Sister Wives fans agreed that perhaps there was some exaggerating of the lies. After all, people change over the years. Here are some of their comments:

  • I think the women all act very much like abused women. They…don’t realize how bad things were, and they were forcing themselves to buy into an alternative reality for the first 20+ years of their marriage to convince themselves it wasn’t that bad.
  • Reddit in general and any of the reality tv subs do not do nuance well nor do they consider context well. They forget there is middle ground. Aside from that, it’s also rampant with rumors turned fact simply by their repetition
  • …people change over time. Even change their minds about things. I too hate it when others take that as “lying” initially.

What are your thoughts about lies by the family of Kody Brown? Do you agree that in the early days, the wives just wanted to come across as better than polygamists like Warren Jeffs? Did they plot a 15-year run of lies ahead of time? Do you agree that they fed fans lies for years, even if it was just telling lies to themselves? Sound off in the comment below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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  1. yes the lied. It was a show for TV and I believe they all lied the whole time. I wouldn’t watch or support anything this family does. They even starting trying to make money right after their son died. Which is beyond horrible. I found that most disgusting of all

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