Joey Graziadei Opens Up About Money Struggles During ‘Bachelor’

Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Fans are concerned that Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are having money troubles, but he revealed that his money struggles began on The Bachelor. Keep reading to see how being on the reality show ruined his credit to the point he can’t get an apartment.

Joey Graziadei Opens Up About Money Struggles During Bachelor

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson recently had a frank discussion about their finances with a Bachelor Nation alum. They joined former Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick on his finance podcast, Trading Secrets.

During the podcast, the reality stars revealed that they have both quit their jobs after getting engaged on The Bachelor. Joey moved from living with his sister to living with Kelsey and her roommates. It turns out that he can’t get a place of his own due to his poor credit.

Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Appearing on The Bachelor may have given him an influx of cash, but it also severely damaged his credit. He revealed to Jason Tartick that he missed a credit card payment when he was filming the show, and it dinged his credit.

“I went on a TV show and I come back and my credit score bombed.”

He added that he can’t rent an apartment because of his poor credit. Joey shared how he is recovering his credit score: getting more credit cards in his name.

“I’m just spending as much money as possible and that sh-ts going up.”

As for Kelsey Anderson, she plans to find a job in her project management field when they move to NYC, which may happen later this year instead of the summer if rumors are true about Joey Graziadei competing on Dancing With The Stars.

In the meantime, she told Jason Tartick that she was relying on her fiance for money. “Joey’s my security blanket,” she said.

Fans Think Daisy Kent & Maria Georgas Dodged A Bullet

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to share their reactions to the podcast interview. Several fans expressed concern that Kelsey was depending on Joey for money.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

But one fan said it was a good thing he chose Kelsey and not Daisy Kent or Maria Georgas.

“No chance Daisy and Maria would have stayed with Joey after seeing this interview. Both are used to dating much much richer men.”

What do you think about Joey and Kelsey’s finances? Should they start saving up instead of spending money? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Interesting! I’ve been wondering how much they are really getting to know each other with all the traveling and good, fun times they have been having. Plus who is funding all these travels?

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