‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Spot Beloved Player In Different TV Series

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!

Recently, Jeopardy! fans discovered that one of their beloved competitors seemed very familiar. After a bit of hunting around the Internet, someone solved the correlation when they found them also appearing in a different TV Series.

Jeopardy! Face Off

In the Wednesday night episode of Jeopardy!, repeat champ, Adriana Harmeyer, a college student from Orlando, Florida, Enzo Cunanan, and newcomer, Chelsea, Detroit football coach, Connor Townsend faced off. They entered their battle of the wits and kept it entertaining throughout the show. It was a tense match between the great minds.

Returning champ Adriana Harmeyer - Jeopardy!
Returning champ Adriana Harmeyer – Jeopardy!

Race To The End

Enzo was a strong competitor for Adriana which just completed her 11-day winning streak. Staying neck and neck throughout the game, and taking the lead during Daily Double 2. However, Adriana stole the lead by winning the Daily Double 3, ending the round with $20,600 and landing at Enzo’s $16,400. Both Enzo and Adriana correctly answered the final Jeopardy! question, but her wager gave her the win. Adriana ended the day with $33,000. However, Enzo was close behind with a total of $31,400 and Connor ended with $7,000.

Returning champ Adriana Harmeyer, Connor Townsend, and Enzo Cunanan. - Jeopardy!
Adriana Harmeyer, Connor Townsend, and Enzo Cunanan. – Jeopardy!

But some fans couldn’t put their finger on why they recognized one of the competitors. Undeniably, it is hard to move on when you see a familiar face but can’t place them. Some of the Jeopardy! sleuths were able to find answers. They linked a recent player and a past performance on another TV show.

Fans Spot Beloved Player In Different TV Series

One beloved competitor, Enzo Cunanan, was extremely impressive with his knowledge. But many Jeopardy! fans were even more excited to see he had been on another TV series as well. While Jeopardy! fans were discussing the outcome of Wednesday’s episode, someone made the connection clear for the others in the forum. The user said, “I remember Enzo from University Challenge two years ago and he was great, not surprised to see him do well here as well.” Currently, Enzo is studying History at the University College of Oxford. He’s in his second year and proudly was the captain of the university’s Challenge team for Series 29.

Enzo Cunanan - University Challenge - BBC
Enzo Cunanan – University Challenge – BBC

Jeopardy! Fans Speak Highly Of Enzo

But other Jeopardy! fans spoke highly of Enzo Cunanan’s performance during the Wednesday night show. Additionally, some also recognized him from other events.

  • “Enzo’s probably the biggest ‘no duh’ candidate for Second Chance yet, and Connor did very well for third place with a 9600 Coryat. Good game to all!”
  • “I was in quiz bowl with Enzo way back in high school, he was a powerhouse then and he’s a powerhouse now. Really hoping he makes it back for second chance!”
  • “Great match and another great win for Adriana. I hope they bring Enzo back for another try.”
Enzo Cunanan competed on the British show.  - University Challenge - BBC
Enzo Cunanan competed on the British show. – University Challenge – BBC

Many Fans Cheer Enzo On For A Second Chance

Several fans are cheering for him to make a comeback.

  • “Enzo would seem to be a lock for Second Chance. Big Matt Jackson vibes.”
  • “Yeah, Enzo Should Definitely Be In Second Chance!”
  • “I remember Enzo from high school Quiz Bowl (just a couple years ago). I’m not surprised to see him on Jeopardy but surprised to see him so soon. He was very knowledgeable even back then and I’m happy to see he’s stuck with trivia.”
  • “Enzo might be considered for Second chance. Hopefully the slots aren’t full as there are many that will be for consideration.”

What do you think about Enzo Cananan’s cameo in the British show University Challenge? Do you think he should be invited back for Jeopardy! Second Chances? Drop your comments below.

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