‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Dumbfounded By ‘Small Package’

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud fans have been increasingly vocal about the show taking a turn and becoming too inappropriate. In recent scenes, even Steve Harvey was speechless following another NSFW response.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Does His Best To Stay Cool

As longtime Family Feud watchers know, host Steve Harvey is one of the best in the business when it comes to keeping his composure. Of course, he isn’t always successful, especially when there’s a survey response that has the entire audience in stitches.

However, in terms of keeping his cool and keeping the show moving right along, Family Feud host Steve Harvey is one of the best in the business. No matter what participants throw at him, he is witty and quick enough on his feet to throw it right back. This is an important facet of the program that longtime viewers love.

Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. – Family Feud

Steve Harvey Dumbstruck Following Raunchy Response

In recent scenes, Steve Harvey asked the question: “The show asked 100 men. ‘Fill in the blank. Admit it. You’re too [blank] to be a male exotic dancer'”

Of course, leading questions like these automatically set the stage for raunchy responses from Family Feud contestants, and this time around did not disappoint. Player Judy answered, somewhat reluctantly: “You’re too…unendowed?”

The shock and awe was all over Steve Harvey’s face, as Family Feud contestant Judy doubled down, adding: “Package too small?”

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Once host Steve Harvey gathered himself enough, he said: “She cleaned it up. She said your package is too small.”

While it seemed like a good answer, especially given the context of the question, it wasn’t ultimately on the board. If it had been, Judy and her family would have successfully stolen the points for that round and added it to their family total.

Some Family Feud Watchers Think The Show Has Gone Too Far

With NSFW responses like these, it’s easy to see why many watchers think the show has gone too far. Many agree that raunchy responses are far too inappropriate for what is supposed to be a family show. In light of this “small package” response from Judy, this is just one recent example of the turn this show has taken.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

This likely won’t deter too many people from watching, as the show has built a loyal following over the last few decades. However, with prompts like this recent one asking about male exotic dancers, it’s clear that the show has made a considerable shift from family-friendly to a more mature target demographic.

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