The Real Reason Sarah Hyland Is Not The ‘Love Island USA’ Host

Sarah Hyland

The real reason Sarah Hyland did not return to Love Island USA as the host this season has been revealed. Fans know that Ariana Madix took over the hosting duties. She was ecstatic for the opportunity and viewers were just as excited to watch her. She has done a good job and only the first episode has aired. Ariana has always been a girl’s girl, but she is showing it even more this season.

Ariana Madix Takes Over

Madix has taken over Love Island USA. She made a few guest appearances on the show. Ariana has already done a good job. She made sure the girls knew that she would have their backs the entire time. Ariana will look out for the girls and call any of the men out. She said she was going to be really involved this season and get to know everyone well throughout the summer. Fans like that she wants to be so involved with the show and the cast.

Ariana Madix Love Island USA
Ariana Madix Love Island USA

The Real Reason Sarah Hyland Left

The real reason Sarah Hyland left the show has been revealed. It seems she is going to be on Broadway. It is unknown how long her show is going to go for. However, there was not enough time for her to do both. She is also working on a new project with Taylor Lautner.

“Well, I just got a text. I’m disappointed the news had to break this way but it is in fact true that I will not be returning to the island this summer, while I’m sad I can’t return, I hope to see lots of love this summer on Peacock!”

Even though she was not going to be the host, she will be watching and supporting the islanders during their journey. There is going to be a lot of bombshells and drama going on this season. It has only just begun. Are you excited for this season of Love Island USA?

Sarah Hyland - Love Island USA, YouTube
Sarah Hyland – Love Island USA, YouTube

It seems that Sarah had too much to do that she could not host the show. However, even though fans miss her, they love seeing Ariana have the spotlight. Viewers are excited to watch this season of Love Island USA. There is going to be a lot of love and a lot of drama like normal. Who did you like better as a host? Were you sad to see Sarah go? Sound off in the comments below.

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