Steve Harvey Cringes As Player Sells Him On Disgusting Answer

Steve Harvey - Family Feud

After hosting Family Feud for fourteen years, it would seem that nothing would surprise Steve Harvey. However, the shocking answers keep rolling in. After one player gives a disgusting answer, Steve unintentionally cringes while the contestant scrambles to sell him on the answer.

Family Feud Is Never What It Seems

Over the years, Family Feud has caught many viral moments on camera where Steve Harvey reacts to answers. Although the host does his best to keep the show moving, he sometimes can’t manage it without taking a break. Recently, one answer left Steven enraged. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon for Steve to reprimand contestants when they give stupid answers. But Steve is a master at turning things around when families make alarming guesses. When Shirley had her turn in a recent episode, Steve required some convincing when she blurted out a gross answer.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Steve Harvey Cringes As Player Sells Him On Disgusting Answer

On Monday, Family Feud viewers were rolling when Shirley gave a disgusting answer about the Jones family’s grandpa. Steve asks, “Name something grandma says grandpa does just like an old dog?” At that point, the Jones family was doing well. Having guessed the top three answers on the board, they were set up for success.

Shirley Jones - Family Feud
Shirley Jones – Family Feud

With sleep/snores, eats/off the floor, and farts already displayed, Shirley made a gross statement about Grandpa. During her turn, she says, “I’m gonna go with ‘Raise up his leg and tinkles?'” Immediately, Steve Harvey cringes but tries to stick with her while she explains. Building enthusiasm, she coaxes Steve, “Come on, we’re talking about Grandpa!”

Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. – Family Feud

Shirley Pleads Her Case To Steve Harvey

While Shirley was able to get the family and the Family Feud audience on board fairly quickly, Steve Harvey took a little more convincing. As Shirley pleads her case she attests grandpa and the dog have similar peeing styles. She says, “Yeah. It’s the same thing. Raise it up!” Mostly trying to regroup and move on, Steve agrees as he attempts to follow her justification. He says, “Oh, I got- I could see where you-” she interrupts trying to nail down the point, “Visualize it.” As she demands his attention, he complies, “I got you. I see.” Reaffirming her stance with conviction, she says, “You seeing?” Then, Steve accepts the guess saying, “Okay, I’m sorry, Miss Shirley. I see.” She concludes her sales pitch with, “Thank you.”

Shirley sells him on it being a legit answer. - Family Feud
Shirley sells Steve on it being a legit answer. – Family Feud

Steve Harvey Moves Forward

After Steve Harvey gets her explanation, he accepts it and moves on with the Family Feud game. Saying aloud, “Raise your leg up!” To his surprise, it was ruled as the Number 5 slot: “Potties.” Another family member Danielle shrieks, “It’s up there! Up there!” Additionally, the next guess was “humps,” but it received a big fat red X. Then, Grandma Joyce answered “Barking like a dog,” which gave them 130 points. After posting, the clip got more than 398,000 views.

  • One commenter says, “Well played team!!!”
  • “I thought humps was a great answer!”
  • “Raise his leg up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”

What do you think about Shirley’s answer? Do you think Steve Harvey was convinced? Do you enjoy Family Feud‘s unpredictable answers? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Love Steve Harvey, the faces he makes, rolling of the eyes πŸ˜³πŸ™„πŸ‘€what was the question? Oh I luve Family Feud!

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