Michelle Young Reveals How BF Jack Leius Won Over Her Parents

Jack Leius and Michelle Young/Credit: Instagram

Bachelorette Michelle Young opens up about how her boyfriend of nearly a year, Jack Leius, won over her parents. Keep reading to find out more about her new but blooming relationship.

Michelle Young Explains Why She’s Staying With Her Sister

Michelle Young and her Bachelorette final rose winner, Nayte Olukoya, were gifted a hefty check from ABC for a down payment toward a house. However, they split up six months later before they could use the tremendous gift.

They both took their time publicly moving on from the failed engagement. She went Instagram official with Jack Leius in October 2023. The new couple’s relationship turned serious fast and they quickly moved in together.

Jack Leius and Michelle Young/Credit: Instagram
Jack Leius and Michelle Young/Credit: Instagram

But she recently revealed on her social media that she’s living with her sister now. What happened? Fans can rest assured that she is still very much in love with Jack Leius. In fact, he’s also living with her sister.

She shared that they had to leave their previous apartment after issues with the plumbing. She shared that they tried to solve a bubbling toilet for nine months before giving up and staying with her sister.

“We temporarily moved in with my sister as we figured out our next plan, which we just did! New diggs coming very soon!” she teased.

How Jack Leius Won Over Her Parents

Jack Leius clearly has the approval of Michelle’s sister, but what about her parents? The 31-year-old elementary school teacher opened up during an Instagram Q&A about how her mom and dad feel about her new boyfriend.


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The IG Story slides automatically disappear after a certain amount of time, but bachelornation.com summarized her answer. The former Bachelorette said her parents welcomed Jack into the fold immediately.

“Jack is one of those people who you instantly would trust with your life the moment you meet him. My parents started including him in family trips pretty much immediately, so that tells you just about everything!”

Her boyfriend went a step further to put them at ease. Michelle shared, “Jack also took the initiative to pull them aside and tell them his intentions with me, so there was a lot of trust from the start.”

Sounds like things are going well for Michelle Young and Jack Leius. Do you think they will get engaged soon, or could she be reluctant to get engaged too quickly after her previous experience? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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