Meghan Trainor Relives Pregnancy Nightmare With ‘Miracle Baby’

Meghan Trainor - Jimmy Fallon - Tonight Show

While Meghan Trainor is very excited about her album “Timeless” which is brand new, she also relives a very scary moment in her life. Recently, Meghan opened up about a nightmare experience she had during her last pregnancy.

Meghan Trainor Wants To Live Forever

Just last week, Grammy winner, Meghan Trainor, dropped a new album, “Timeless” on June 7. Ahead of her big release, she made an appearance on Mythical Kitchen’s “Last Meals.” During the interview, she discusses wanting to be ageless and timeless. Since having children, she wants to biohack herself so she can live forever.

Meghan Trainor - Mythical Kitchen
Meghan Trainor – Mythical Kitchen

The show host, Josh Scherer, was welcoming but blindsided her at one point when he mentioned her beloved fan, Jalisa. Jalisa faithfully attended her shows and was always in full glam. Undeniably, this was a difficult loss for Meghan. Along with the shock of discussing Jalisa, Meghan also shares some terrifying moments she went through with her second pregnancy.

Meghan Trainor shares about a very important fan in her life, Jalisa, that passed away. - Instagram
Meghan Trainor shares about a very important fan in her life, Jalisa, who passed away. – Instagram

Meghan Trainor Talks About Getting Pregnant

During the YouTube show, Meghan Trainor shares her horrifying experience while she was pregnant. Admittedly, Meghan and her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, were trying to conceive. However, she had many fears about miscarriages, especially after having gestational diabetes in her first pregnancy. When she performed on the Tonight Show in 2022, she had the realization she wasn’t pregnant since she was on her period.

Meghan Trainor - Jimmy Fallon - Tonight Show
Meghan Trainor – Jimmy Fallon – Tonight Show

However, just a month later, she found out that wasn’t the case at all. Little did she know, she was pregnant but was most likely having decidual bleeding. Right before an interview with Ryan Seacrest just one month later, she took a pregnancy test that morning that revealed she was pregnant. Revisiting the moment, she says, “That morning, I was like stoked, beaming with joy. I videotaped it.” She was sure she was having twins and was completely excited about the moment. She adds confidently, “I did interviews, and they’re like, ‘How are you?’ And I said, ‘I’m thriving.’ I was so happy.”

Meghan Trainor Relives Pregnancy Nightmare With ‘Miracle Baby’

However, before Meghan Trainor got on the interview with Ryan Seacrest, she noticed an alarming amount of blood beneath her. So much so, that she says she was “gushing blood” to the point it  “ruined a chair.” Although it was scary, Meghan remembers seeing it and then saying, “I go, ‘Oh, no,’ and they’re like, ‘OK, Ryan Seacrest is on.” She said. “Go!’” Setting aside her sheer panic, Meghan goes through the online interview with Ryan.

Nervously, she attempts to be “okay” during the discussion. She remembers vague interactions while trying to stay steady. She says shakily, “Hey, Ryan.” Emptily answered, “Thriving, never been so happy,” when asked how she was. As soon as it is over she recalls, telling herself not to cry. Then, saying to her team, “I think I’m miscarrying right now.” Reliving the nightmare, she says, “I was like, ‘Alright, I had a baby this morning, and now they’re gone.’”

Little Miracle

Although crushed by the reality that the baby most likely wasn’t going to survive, Meghan Trainor discusses how she kept taking pregnancy tests and they all were positive. The doctor told her to wait until six weeks so the baby would be big enough they could properly detect if it was there. So she went to her doctor and had the best news learning she was indeed, 10 weeks pregnant. At that point, she knew the baby was conceived shortly before her Tonight Show performance with Jimmy Fallon. Candidly, Meghan says, “It was horrific and then amazing.” Meghan and Daryl’s second son, Barry, was born in July 2023. Additionally, they share a 3-year-old son, Riley.

She knows her babies are little miracles. - Instagram
Meghan Trainor knows her babies are little miracles. – Instagram

Her “Timeless” Tour will start in Cincinnati, Ohio, this September. She told The Tonight Show that the kids would be going on tour with her this time. She made a rule that she wouldn’t go more than a week without seeing her boys. Unmistakably, Meghan knows baby Barry is a “little miracle.” In awe, she often says, “Every time I look at him, I’m like, ‘How are you here?’”

What do you think about Meghan Trainor’s horrific miscarriage scare? Have you been through anything like that? What do you think about “Timeless”? Drop your comments below.

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