‘MAFS’ Jamie Otis Shares Pregnancy Worries, Twins At Risk?

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis is currently expecting twins with husband, Doug Hehner. While this is typically a joyous time for expectant parents, Otis was recently candid with her followers about her concerns. So, what did she have to say?

Married At First Sight: Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Were MAFS Guinea Pigs

Back when Jamie Otis signed up for Married at First Sight and agreed to tie the knot with Doug Hehner as strangers, it was an even crazier idea then than it is now. These days, MAFS is one of the most popular matchmaking shows out there. However, back when Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner agreed to do it, it was an even more “out there” concept.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were essentially the guinea pigs to test if this idea of marrying a stranger at the altar could actually work. They have certainly had their rough patches in the years since they first said “I do.” Overall, though, they are proof that the matchmaking process can work if you keep an open mind and trust the process.

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MAFS: Jamie And Doug Have Expanded Their Family Over The Years

One of the reasons that Married at First Sight fans still revere Jamie and Doug is, that as the first batch of participants to agree to a marriage experiment like this, they’ve still found ways to thrive, years down the line.

Jamie Otis was even candid about not feeling the attraction for Doug Hehner when they first got together. As of 2024, they’ve got two kids and a set of twins on the way. So, if anyone has come full circle on their Married at First Sight journey, it’s these two.

Married at First Sight: Doug Hehner - Jamie Otis
Married at First Sight: Doug Hehner – Jamie Otis/YouTube

Married At First Sight: Jamie Otis Opens Up About Pregnancy Concerns

Now expecting twins, Jamie Otis recently opened up to her many Married at First Sight followers about the worries she has for this pregnancy. The pair lost their baby boy, Jonathan, years ago, due to a miscarriage. Jamie Otis has also had other miscarriages over the years. So, there is understandable trauma and concern related to pregnancy for this couple.

In a recent lengthy update on social media, Jamie Otis told her Married at First Sight followers that she has been “scared to be vulnerable.” Especially about the things she is struggling with. She went on to add that she worries about losing “one or both” of her babies.

Jamie Otis also addressed her heartbreaking miscarriages in the past, saying: “anyone who’s ever lost a baby-especially in the second or third trimester- know that you’re never truly ‘safe’ until your baby is held in your arms.”


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Despite these struggles and worries, the Married at First Sight alum is more than halfway through her pregnancy, and she has a lot of love and support as she enters this next phase with her twins.

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  1. Please stop writing articles about Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. They’re horrible parents. They exploit their kids for $$$$$. Ever since getting pregnant, Jamie and Doug pretty much ignore their two kids. Anytime they do spend with their kids is because they use them as props for their ridiculous social media posts and videos. They are also exploiting their unborn babies. They don’t deserve the two kids they have now and they certainly don’t deserve the next two.

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