‘Love Island USA’ Kordell Beckham Plans To Turn Heads

Kordell Beckham

There is a lot to know about Kordell Beckham who is on the current season of Love Island USA. He not only keeps a smile on his face, but he is planning to turn a lot of heads this summer. Besides that, he has a lot of interesting things about him. Fans are excited to watch this season. Especially since Ariana Madix is now the host. Keep reading to find out more.

Ariana Madix Leaves Message For The Men

Ariana Madix is the new host for this season of Love Island USA. She was ecstatic to have the opportunity. Fans are even more excited to see her as the host. She has made it clear that she is on the women’s side and will have their backs.

“I will definitely be having these girls’ backs. So, the boys better watch out because if they try anything. I’m watching, I might have to be a little shady, depending on what happens. I will definitely be very involved,”

Ariana knows all about shady men and dealing with their games.

Ariana Madix Love Island USA
Ariana Madix Love Island USA

Kordell Beckham Wants To Turn Heads

Kordell Beckham is going to turn heads this summer. There is a lot to know about him. He is an airplane fueler. However, he does model and wants to pursue that more. Kordell wants that to be his long-term goal. He also has a famous brother, Odell Beckham Jr. His brother dated Kim Kardashian. Kordell lives in Houston, Texas. Even though he models, he is a country boy at heart and loves to ride horses. He is 22 years old and is ready to find the love of his life. Kordell loves to have fun and smile. He could keep viewers on their toes when watching him. He seems to be genuine in his actions. However, fans will have to watch more to get down to the true Kordell Beckham. Do you like him yet? How do you feel about him?


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It seems that Kordell is a happy person who wants to make people smile. He plans to turn a lot of heads this summer. However, his current match is not feeling the spark with him. Fans know that there will be plenty of women to come in and maybe he will have that spark with someone else. Do you have any couples that you are rooting for already? Are you excited to watch? Sound off in the comments below.

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