Joan Vassos Shares Her Biggest Fear About ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joan Vassos is ready to find love again on The Golden Bachelorette. The 61-year-old grandmother from Maryland hopes to find a genuine connection with one of the show’s eligible bachelors, but she’s aware of the potential challenges. Keep reading to see how she plans to address her concerns.

Joan Vassos Shares Her Biggest Fear About Golden Bachelorette

After losing her husband of 32 years to cancer in 2021, Vassos is ready to open her heart again. She’s looking for a partner who shares her passions and values. She thought that person might be Gerry Turner, but she had to leave The Golden Bachelor abruptly early in the season.

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

He went on to find love with Theresa Nist. Now Joan Vassos gets another chance at finding love again in her golden years as the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. Filming is reportedly starting soon, and some fans think Susan Noles is involved somehow.

One of the biggest challenges that Vassos faces is the potential for long-distance relationships. Once she was announced as the new Golden Bachelorette, many fans voiced their concerns about Vassos choosing a suitor who does not live near her. This is a fear that Vassos shares, as she knows that maintaining a relationship over long distances can be difficult.

After all, she saw what distance did to Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s relationship.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

How She Will Avoid Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist’s Mistake

Joan Vassos is particularly mindful of the mistakes made by Gerry and Theresa. Their relationship ended in divorce after they both refused to move from their home states. Vassos has stated that she doesn’t intend to make the same mistake as Gerry and Theresa, but she also made it clear that she won’t leave her family.

She told CNN that she was upfront with Gerry Turner on the Golden Bachelor about relocating. “You almost have to live a dual life,” she told the outlet. The solution is compromise.

“You have to be willing to … travel and be with that person and maybe spend a couple of months or a couple of weeks at a time … and then maybe eventually, you figure out a destination that would work for you and your families or have another house where everybody gets together.”

Despite the challenges, Joan Vassos remains optimistic about her journey on The Golden Bachelorette. She’s a relatable lead who wants nothing to do with dating apps, and she’s hoping to find a genuine connection with one of the show’s bachelors.

Do you agree with her that couples from the popular franchise need to lead two lives for a successful relationship? Share your reaction in the comments.

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