Hugh Hefner’s Widow Slams Holly Madison With Cease & Desist

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Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal Harris Hefner, has slammed Holly Madison with a cease and desist. Fans may recall that Holly dated Hef for seven years before exiting the Playboy Mansion. Now, she has a podcast where she is very open about her time there. So, what has caused this rift between Crystal and Holly? Keep reading for all of the details.

Hugh Hefner’s Widow Slams Holly Madison With Cease & Desist

Fans of The Girls Next Door may know Holly Madison as Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend. After it was widdled down from seven to three, Holly was the main one. Along with Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt, they starred in the hit E! reality series which documented life at the Playboy Mansion. More so, it showed what it was like to be one of Hef’s girlfriends. The show ran for five seasons with these three and then they all exited. For the sixth season, Crystal Harris Hefner and Karissa and Kristina Shannon came in and then the series ended.

Shannon Twins, Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner-YouTube
Shannon Twins, Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner-YouTube

Crystal went on to marry Hef though she admitted she never loved him while Holly wrote two books about her time at the mansion. She admitted that it was not the greatest experience and, in August 2022, Holly and Bridget started their own podcast, Girls Next Level. They shared war stories and went over all of the episodes from their time on the show. There were also guest stars including Hef’s son, Marston Hefner who alleged that Crystal did not allow close friends at the home when his dad was sick.

Additionally, he claimed that Crystal changed the will for her benefit. Now, Crystal has sent Holly Madison specifically a cease and desist which she first addressed on her TikTok.

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According to TMZ, the reason for this is that Holly is apparently causing “serious harm” to Crystal Hefner. Crystal’s legal team has said the comments that were said on the podcast, featuring Marston, were “malicious and intentionally misleading.” The letter sent to Holly also stated that it was alleged Crystal had Hef “doped up” at the end for financial gain.

More To Be Said

Hugh Hefner’s widow is maintaining that she was there for him in his final days, per the cease and desist letter, and that she did not cause any harm. Nor that she was doing anything wrong to try to get more money from Hef:

“Nothing could be further from the truth. As we understand it, Ms. Hefner was steadfast in her commitment to Mr. Hefner through his final days, ensuring that he was cared for and received the best medical attention available.”

Holly Madison seems to be unbothered by this and she has made it clear that Crystal Harris Hefner has started the drama. Apparently, she bullied Bridget Marquardt in the past and that was where it all began. She has also tried to allude to the idea that Holly was jealous of her relationship with Hef. However, Holly had been gone from the mansion a full year before Crystal and Hef began dating.

Holly Madison Credit: Holly Madison IG
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Finally, Holly has claimed that Crystal’s book, “Only Say Good Things,” made the bestseller list under suspicious circumstances. She also alleged that it was a copy and paste of her own book, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Time will tell how this will play out and if Holly will stop talking about Crystal.

Do you think Crystal is making every effort to stay relevant and look like a good person or is she really hurt by what was said on the podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Holly seems like a sore loser. Hugh has been gone 7 years and dumped her long before that.

    Get on with your life girlie. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. This dragging on and on just makes it sour grapes because Crystal got what you wanted and couldn’t get. Sad.

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