‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Ty Ferrell Shares Sweet Surprise, Clip

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Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 star Ty Ferrell went to social media to share a sweet surprise with fans. He shared a video so everyone can check it out. What is he showing fans on the farm in Missouri? Keep reading to find out more and see the video clip.

Farmer Wants A Wife Star Ty Ferrell Shares Sweet Clip

Farmer Wants a Wife star Ty Ferrell went to TikTok and Instagram to share a sweet surprise with fans. He told fans that he knew he hadn’t driven his truck in a while when he opened the hood and found a big surprise. He was trying to put gas in his tractor which is what prompted him to open the hood of the truck.

Under the hood, he found not one but two bird nests. His reaction was “What the F*ck” which many commented was their favorite part of the video. One of the nests even had bird eggs in it. A fan noted they are robin eggs and are said to be good luck.

Ty chuckled and ended the video by showing the eggs and saying, “That’s great!” See the video below.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell
Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell

He Recently Shared An Update Post Finale

Ty Ferrell shocked fans when he decided at the end of his journey to send both ladies home. Most believed he was going to choose Megan Lay. His daughter liked her a lot and she seemed to really fit into their lifestyle. However, she wanted children someday and that is something he would not promise.

While their breakup seemed short to everyone watching, Ty said it really lasted about an hour and a half. He also admits he was a complete wreck leading up to decision day.

@tyferrellphotography Just wait for it! Never had this haplen before! #crazy #drive #ford #farmerwantsawife #cowboy #notarancher ♬ original sound – RodeoTyphotography

Since ending the show, Ty shared that he and Megan have spoken and remain friends. One night following the finale, they even talked on the phone for four hours.

Ty spoke with Lancaster Farming and said, “I was a wreck for like a day-and-a-half. It was a very emotional time for me because I knew that I was basically going to have to tell Megan that she wasn’t my person. And it did blindside her.”

When the negative comments started pouring in it did bother him. He didn’t feel that the way he was portrayed was accurate. Even though Ty didn’t find a wife, he did find three other new best friends. He and the other three farmers are close friends.

What do you think about Ty’s sweet surprise under the hood?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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