Blake Horstmann Shares Hot Take On How To Save ‘BIP’

Blake Horstmann/Credit: Instagram

Bachelor In Paradise is reportedly not airing this year amid low ratings and failed relationships. Alum Blake Horstmann shares his hot take on what needs to be revamped to save the Bachelor franchise spinoff. Keep reading to see if you agree with him.

Blake Horstmann Embraces Fatherhood

Bachelor Nation viewers first met Blake Horstmann as one of Becca Kufrin’s suitors on The Bachelorette. He ended up as the runner-up after she chose Garrett Yrigoyen. He joined Season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise and found himself in the role of a playboy.

Blake Horstmann/Credit: YouTube
Blake Horstmann/Credit: YouTube

He had hooked up with two women from Bachelor Nation before BIP began filming. He came under fire for the romantic entanglements and ultimately left the beach single. Blake Horstmann went on to join All Star Shore, where he unexpectedly found love with another contestant.

He’s been dating Love Is Blind alum Giannina Gibelli since 2021. They welcomed a child together, a son named Heath, two months ago.

Credit: Blake Horstmann Instagram
Credit: Blake Horstmann Instagram

His Hot Take On How To Save BIP

Blake Horstmann may have embraced being a father, but he hasn’t forgotten his reality TV ties. He often answers questions about Bachelor Nation on his Instagram. He took to his IG Story this week to share his thoughts on how the network might save Bachelor In Paradise.

The show isn’t on the ABC summer or fall schedule, causing speculation that it has been put off until 2025 or canceled entirely. How would Blake Horstmann change BIP if it returns?

One of the biggest issues, in his opinion, is the Bachelor Nation alums pretending not to know each other when they arrive at the beach. The first step in fixing the spinoff is letting them acknowledge knowing each other.

Additionally, he suggested making it more like a game show, like Netflix’s Perfect Match. He called Netflix’s reality show “superior” to Bachelor In Paradise.

Credit: Blake Horstmann Instagram
Credit: Blake Horstmann Instagram

Bachelor Nation Fans React To His Idea

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to discuss Blake’s hot take. Many fans agreed with him, like in these comments:

  • Yes. Something would have to change majorly. The love islands and perfect matches of the world make the bachelor franchise look super outdated and boring.
  • I think the main thing that production needs to do is pay the big names big money to appear. And offer them contracts that don’t limit their influencing deals or stuff like that. If PP is willing to do BIP, then get him there.
  • Agreed on this. It seems like BIP couples just grab someone the first day and then try to coast to the end for more screen time and a good edit. It is such boring tv.
  • I definitely agree that they need to do *something* with paradise. I think the idea that all happy couples should get engaged at the end is ridiculous and I also think the show struggles due to the fact that they only film for about 2 weeks? It just makes it all much less believable that these people meet “for the first time” and get engaged 2 weeks later. Just give us messy sloppy hook ups instead of trying to make a bunch of 2 week love stories happen
  • If Paradise comes back, it needs to be a lot more like Bachelor Pad with activities rather than these manufactured storylines – Salley’s suitcase was a prime example. Production was doing way too much.

Several comments mentioned Bachelor Pad, the Bachelor Nation spinoff that aired for just three seasons starting in 2010. The spinoff had more game show elements like competitions and a hefty $250,000 cash prize. Forming a love connection was a possibility but not an expectation or requirement.

Do you agree that BIP needs to be revamped if the network plans to bring it back? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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