Andy Cohen Goes Head-To-Head With ‘RHONY’ Alum

Andy Cohen-YouTube

Andy Cohen is going head-to-head with a RHONY alum and it is not pretty. It is well-known that the two former New York housewives that he has issues with are Bethenny Frankel and Leah McSweeney. Yet, there is one more lurking in the shadows who is ready to call him out any chance she gets. So, who is it and what did she have to say? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Goes Head-To-Head With RHONY Alum

Despite his lawsuits and battles with some housewives, many Bravolebs really adore Andy Cohen. He is the reunion host and producer of the housewives shows so he truly is the face of Bravo. Unfortunately, he and former RHONY star, Bethenny Frankel came to blows with her Reality Reckoning. She believed that there should be a union when it came to reality stars and those on Bravo. Despite how much she claimed Andy and Bravo helped launch her career, she changed her tune years later.

Andy Cohen-YouTube
Andy Cohen-YouTube

McSweeney recently alleged that Andy does cocaine and parties with Bravolebs then gives them a good edit in return. He vehemently denied this but now, he is up to bat with another RHONY alum. Andy was recently profiled for New York Magazine and an anonymous RHONY housewife gave her thoughts on the show:

“The show went from silly humor about middle-aged women getting drunk and being delusional about their status and having funny, petty arguments, to Housewives investigating and doing opposition research and making up false storylines and leaking stories on each other.”

She then went on to bash his baby shower where housewives like Lisa Rinna were having a blast dancing on tables after she told people to “dance for Andy and his baby”:

“I just thought it was such a cringe moment. Because that’s the dynamic. Everyone just dances for Andy Cohen.”

As it turns out, the housewife did not stay anonymous for long as Andy knew right away that it was Carole Radziwill who was on from Seasons 5 through 10.

Carole Radziwill-YouTube
Carole Radziwill-YouTube

According to Page Six, he blatantly shared who it was on his SiriusXM radio show:

“It’s Carole Radziwill, no question. It’s the one mean quote in there, and it’s the only anonymous quote. There are 18 reasons why it’s Carole.”

Andy did not understand why she was anonymous in the first place when she had never had a problem speaking out against him before. He added she tweeted many “unkind” things about him in the past. Plus, not many housewives have been fired so that helped narrow the field.

Carole Fires Back

The moment that Andy Cohen revealed Carole Radziwill’s identity, she fired back at her former boss. She headed straight to Twitter/X and unleashed as well as responded to a handful of tweets:

Carole Radziwill-Twitter
Carole Radziwill-Twitter

However, the author was not done just yet. She went on to keep tweeting about the situation. Carole noted how she was a best-selling author prior to joining the show. She did a timeline of how this was in 2005 when Andy was “mid-management” at Trio. Additionally, she said she stayed anonymous as she had no idea the context of the article. She added:

“He’s lost his mind likely from all the legal trouble. Hope he gets help he needs.”

Someone did come at Carole but she fought back and put all of the blame on Andy so it does not look like this feud is ending any time soon. Are you shocked that she is lashing out this way or is this on brand for her? More so, are you surprised that Andy outed Carole? Let us know all of your thoughts on this situation.

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