‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Brother Disses Gary Wayt Missing

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Teen Mom fans are used to drama in the life of Amber Portwood, but the current situation isn’t amusing because her fiance, Gary Wayt has been reported missing. Gary shouldn’t be confused with her ex, Gary Shirley, and MTV fans met the new Gary on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Amber Portwood Reported Gary Wayt Is Messing

Teen Mom fans don’t know Gary Wayt all that well, but they are concerned for him. After all, on June 11, Amber reported that he went missing. It came very soon after he debuted on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. However, her brother, Shawn Portwood went off on fans who discussed what allegedly happened.

Amber Portwood - MTV Teen Mom The Next Chapter - YouTube (1)
Amber Portwood – MTV Teen Mom The Next Chapter – YouTube

Amber Portwood and Gary Wayt’s family seem very distressed because it’s been over three days since they last heard from him. According to them, Amber Portwood described them as having “an emotional conversation,” before he departed. However, it’s not clear if they had a big fight or not. Now, her brother Shawn is dissing MTV fans who think that happened.

Teen Mom Star’s Brother Claims Fake Reporting

Official reports were made about Gary who went missing in North Carolina. However, Shawn Portwood lambasted MTV fans who discussed the situation. On Instagram, the TeenMomChatter account shared a screenshot of what he said about Gary:

This is false and you should not be reporting it this way. Absolutley disgusting how you guys will do anything for likes.

Amber Portwood’s Brother Calls Reports Of Gary Wayt Fake – Via Instagram

Naturally, as there was a report made by Amber Portwood, a Teen Mom fan got a bit irritated with him. They replied, “Duh there is a police report he’s missing.” Well, it turned out that he meant the discussion about a fight. However, he later backed down a bit agreeing that they “were not there and don’t know exactly what happened.”

In reply, he was reminded that Amber had been physically violent in the past.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Gary Is Missing - TM Chatter - Instagram
Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Gary Is Missing – TM Chatter – Instagram

The admin wrote in the caption:

Exactly how #AmberPortwood brother jumped on social media 5 years ago to defend Amber against “the lies” from Andrew Glennon… he has, again, jumped on social media to dispute the reports and call them “False”. (It has been reported that both the police report and Gary 2.0’s family have said Amber and Gary had an emotional conversation prior to Gary leaving.) #TeenMom #TeenMomOG

MTV Fans Discuss The Dispute

Teen Mom fans discussed what Shawn had said about Amber Portwood’s fiance, Gary Wayt. Here are some of their comments:

  • He’s part of the reason she is the way she is. No ones called her out enough to make her want to hold herself accountable.
  • Anyone remembering better days of #portwoodaf clothing after she went after Andrew with a machete?
  • Someone commented under e news post on Facebook saying Gary has went (sic) missing before and threatened to unalive himself. Sounds like he has some issues and they def don’t need to be together if true.
  • This story reminds me of Brian Laundrie.

What are your thoughts about Amber Portwood’s brother claiming that Gary Wayt and the fight before going missing is fake? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Teen Mom news. 

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