’90 Day Fiance’ Michael Ilesanmi Speaks Out On Scamming Angela

Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance star Michael Ilesanmi has spoken out on the allegations of him scamming Angela. Fans were completely shocked when they saw the group Michael was involved in. He wasn’t only involved; he was the administrator of the group. Angela was extremely upset by what she found on Michael’s phone. However, he has finally said something about the situation. Keep reading to find out more.

Angela Deem Finds Group On His Phone

Angela Deem went through her husband’s phone. However, she was not expecting to find what she did. He was in a group chat called “paradise men”. This is them referring to America as paradise. Not only was Michael in the group, but he was the administrator. Michael was charging the men as well. He had revealed Angela’s tax returns in the chat to everyone in there. Which is over 100,000 people. Angela was furious. However, she had every right to be. This was not something she expected, and she immediately wanted to get his visa revoked.

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Michael Ilesanmi Finally Speaks Out

Michael has finally spoken out on the issue. However, he did not have much to say. A fan commented:

 “I was rooting for you, but after tonight’s episode, I do believe you scammed Angela.”

Michael then replied:

“@greeneyesjax, bring your proof, and if not, Dont ever tell me such,”

The proof was the group chat, Michael. That is all he had to say about the issue. However, Michael had posted a video and a comment under read:

 “We did it broda 😂.”

This is referring to him getting to the United States. Angela shared the screenshot of the comment. Michael deleted it quickly, but Angela had already gotten ahold of it. She fully believes Michael was using her for seven years just to get to the United States. Fans were rooting for Michael in the beginning, but that has taken a hard turn. There is so much more fans want to know, and Michael is not going to admit it.

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It seems that he did not give much to the fans. However, he does not admit to scamming her. As soon as he came to America, he ran away. He supposedly feared for his life. However, fans are starting to question that. Especially since they were talking about life insurance in the group chat. Do you think Michael was scamming Angela? What do you think about the entire situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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