’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Deem Boxing In Bra, Back With A Vengeance

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem

90 Day Fiance cast member Angela Deem made a statement online recently after everything she has been through, boxing in a bra. However, if she meant it to be motivational, many viewers are seeing it another way. So, what’s the latest on this?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Scenes With Michael Ilesanmi Playing Out

With everything that has happened between Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi off-camera, their Happily Ever After scenes are currently playing out. Of course, the 90 Day Fiance scenes that TLC airs are still way behind real-time events. However, watching currently airing scenes gives viewers a chance to have a little bit more context.

Because everything that has gone down has been so explosive, with Michael Ilesanmi eventually fleeing Angela Deem’s Georgia home, 90 Day Fiance fans are even more interested in watching their Happily Ever After scenes play out. There have also been explosive HEA scenes as well.

Angela Deem - 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - TLC YouTube

TLC Relationship Imploded On Social Media

90 Day Fiance fans still don’t know what went down between Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi in terms of all of the details leading up to him fleeing her home, however, there was some damaging evidence that Angela found in recent Happily Ever After scenes.

Angela Deem found that Michael was the admin of a WhatsApp group for Nigerian men looking to scam American women for a green card. Because of Michael’s history of lying, this was definitely not a good look. Especially when she found out he shared her tax information and other personal details to his group.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi
90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi/YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Fights Back With New Video

With all of the drama playing out between Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi in current 90 Day Fiance scenes, Angela Deem recently shared a video online. In it, she is boxing in a sports bra. This might be her way of saying she is fighting back after everything she has been through, but, her new clip drew some interesting reactions from followers.

In the clip, Angela Deem dances before throwing punches. In her mind, she likely saw this as a motivational post, however, many 90 Day Fiance fans see it differently, more a cringe post out of desperation judging by many of the comments online.

  • Fellow TLC cast member Cynthia Decker said: “When you’re 60yrs old and like to spend all day in front of your phone playing with filters! I truly believe she thinks she’s the cat’s meow! Ego is out of control!!”
  • Another TLC commenter said: “Go sit back down we are sick of your toxicity!! You deserve everything he did to you!”
  • A third commenter said: “Ain’t nobody want to see that.”

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